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01th June 2017 | News

Meet our June buddy brand - Squirrel Sisters

Well we did it, we’re now officially in the summer months, woop woop! A new month means a new buddy brand for t plus drinksand having partnered up with Squirrel Sisters for the month of June, we are providing all you lucky people with tasty treats in every t plus order.


Squirrel Sisters offer health and wellness treats founded by two sisters Sophie and Gracie. With four flavours available in the range consisting of; Cacao Brownie, Cacao Orange, Raspberry Ripple, and Coconut Cashew there are plenty to choose from to suit your taste buds! We will be providing you with their delicious Raspberry Ripple bars all throughout June.


These snack bars provide you with nutritious and delicious treats that are made with 100% natural ingredients, perfect to go alongside a t plus cuppa! Squirrel Sisters bars fit into a variety of different lifestyles as they are vegan, paleo, gluten and refined sugar free, and on top of this they are 100% raw, how fabulous! The bars can be consumed any time of day, perhaps pre/post workout, for breakfast, a between meal snack or an after dinner treat as a healthy pudding alternative- whatever suits you best! Find out more about these delicious snacks here:


So, every time you place an order with us at t plus, there will be some tasty Squirrel Sister treats in there too! As Squirrel Sisters go by the motto ‘treat your health’ that is exactly what we are providing you with here at t plus. So get your orders flowing to not only receive your t plus super teas, but some fantastic Squirrel Sisters healthy treats!

Check out our range of super teas here: and treat yourself to a delicious package delivered straight to your door.

Big love, team t plus x

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