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07th March 2017 | News

t plus lands in 729 Holland & Barrett stores!!

Hello all. Thanks for stopping by our little news blog article. This is one we've looked forward to writing for a long time, because negotiations with this retailer have gone on a long time, and then we were swore to secrecy ( for what seems like ) a long time. So, after what seems like forever, here goes...


Ok great, now we've got that off our chest at long last, we'll stop shouting. t plus was created by founders James and Jade out of an idea over 2 years ago now. The idea that tea was pretty good, sort of healthy, functional and ( sometimes ) tasty, but more often than not, all teas, be them green, herbal, black or fruit, would leave something to be desired on health, functionality or taste. We knew it was the second most consumed drink on the planet and 165 million cups of the stuff were drunk in the UK every day, but we felt like it could evolve and be even better !

That's why Jade and James then set off on a long journey of meeting nutritionists, tea blenders and foodies to develop a new generation of super teas. Since then, we've come a long way, winning nationwide awards and getting an increasing number of listings. However, the big H&B was the home we wanted for our smarter teas from day 1 in the company. As the UK leader in health and wellness products - that's where we wanted our products to find their way to the people we think would love them most. 

So it's a great day for us and we allowed ourselves all of 5 minutes of congratulations before we have to crash back down to earth and take a delivery of cardboard boxes and arrange them in the office ( yes, startup life really is that glamorous ). Without coming all Oscar speech worthy over you, we genuinely couldn't have got to this point without our amazing customers support and cheerleading so, genuinely, big love and thank you to you all for coming on the journey with us. We've got some big plans for t plus over the next year so stay tuned on this little startup on a mission to make the world of tea, a little smarter! 

Big ( Holland & Barrett obsessed ) love, team t plus x

  • kieran beckenkrager on

    can’t wait to try this!

  • Jane Allen on

    If I win I would spend the voucher in my local store in Hertford. Fingers crossed, your teas sound great and I’d love to try them!

  • Ailish S on

    Just went into H&B yesterday and bought some raspberry and pomegranate tea! Can’t wait to drink it

  • Sue Price on

    If I was the very lucky winner I would spend my voucher in my nearest store which is in Great Yarmouth. I love it in there, the staff are so friendly & helpful! There’s lots of choice too, I can get everything I need in there, love shopping in Holland & Barrett ?

  • Paige A on

    Just found you guys at the LABL Fair in Liverpool! Instantly in love, so happy you’ll be sold nearby!

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