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31th January 2017 | News

The smarter swap

We're pushing an agenda all this month to help you guys make some small steps to a better you. January gets all the headlines for a new start, new fitness goals and aims and new pledges to overhaul some part of your life. However, we dont think thats the way to go. We don't believe in those flash January shock-to-the-system big changes. January isnt make or break, if you've fallen off those January resolutions early then now is the time to reset and take things on again and make that desire for change achievable.
So we're on a mission to help everyone out there make some little swaps this month. Nothing flashy, just small steps towards a bigger goal. So, whether that's taking the stairs instead of the lift every day, ditching the Friday night takeaway for a home cooked meal or swapping that extra cup of coffee for a nutrient rich cup of t plus super tea we're going to try and help give you that nudge. .








We've got some buddies on board with us this month to put forward their smarter swap pledges on what they will be swapping out throughout February and why. These guys are all well known bloggers, nutritionists, foodies and fitness advocates but even they have a desire to make something better. Check out our smarter swappers page to view their profile and what they are pledging to swap out in February to maybe give you a bit of inspiration. We'll be checking back in with these guys at the end of the month to see how those pledges go and what they have learnt about the journey to make a little step in the right direction, good or bad.




We created t plus to make a new generation of nutrient dense, healthy hot drinks. t plus is like nothing else on the market. We make a range of drinks that will give you a little nutritious boost in the right direction when and where you need it most. Whether you need a convenient vitamin B12 boost, a natural yerba mate, echinacea or milk thistle functional kick or a dose of heart healthy antioxidants we have the blend for you. And we do all that in a delicious, natural refreshing tea. So that makes it all the more appealing to swap out that bland builders brew or second cup of coffee! 



We're playing our part to help you guys make a healthy swap this 
February, thats why we are offering our fantastic t plus bundles at a special
discounted rate - all month! Thats the best bundles of our award winning vitamin super teas, all with free postage and all month come with some extra surprises in each delivery! Check out our brilliant bundles below: 



You'll find a t plus smart swap pledge sticker in every bundle delivery this month so we would love to see your edited pledge stickers on what you're doing this month, big or small. So get in touch with us on social media and let us know how you are getting on. Get this stuck on your workdesk, your fridge, wherever, just make this a little prop in helping you make that smarter swap this month. There may be a few prizes for the best pledge picture tweets so get them sent over! 













We're flying an additional healthy flag this month, and that one is for our amazing charity partners - Vitamin Angels. t plus has been set up to support their amazing work by donating £0.10 from every single box of t plus sold. It costs Vitamin Angels around £0.20 to give a child a life saving dose of vitamin A for a whole year. So that means every two boxes bought can make a real, tangible difference to someone in need. 

So if you make a healthy tea swap this month to upgrade to a healthier cuppa, know that you are helping #sharethehealth at the same time 



Fancy winning a years supply of t plus? Yes, you did hear correctly!! For your chance to win a whole YEARS supply of t plus vitamin super teas all you have to do is post a picture of you making the #smarterswap along with your t plus of choice with the hashtag #smarterswap.  We can’t wait to find out about the awesome #smarterswap pledges that you’re all doing and as a reward for taking part, we’re offering 1 lucky winner a whole 12 month’s supply of super tea. You can enter on Facebook Twitter and Instagram, all you have to do is:

  1. Post a pic of you making the #smarterswap with your favorite t plus flavour (This could be a pic of you writing out the pledge or in your gym gear etc.)
  2. Use the hashtag #smarterswap 
  3. Don’t forget to tag us @tplusdrinks

We’ll be announcing the lucky lucky winner on 1st March. UK entrants only. 




Big love

Team t plus x 


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