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09th March 2017 | News

We've just upgraded our t plus orders situation

We’ve got some exciting news to make your t plus super tea deliveries even better this month. Our super teas are designed to make it easier to do yourself some good, when and where you need it most so we want our deliveries to you to be a little box of healthy, tasty goodness every month. That's why this month, we're upgrading each and every order made on our site by partnering with the awesome snack brand, Snact. So, with every single t plus order that goes out, we’ll be including a surprise product and a discount code to use on their website.



This month we’re partnering up with our pals at Snact to offer you guys a delicious gluten free packet of 100% fruit jerky. Snact is vegan, gluten free and made with whole fresh fruit and fresh purees – they don’t use any concentrates, additives or preservatives, just 100% fresh fruit. Perfect. Read more about Snact here: 



Snact make super tasty fruit jerky - not only do they taste delicious, Snact are also passionate about doing their bit to make a positive impact. Snact’s packaging is home compostable meaning they’re tackling packaging waste as well as food waste. They basically buy unwanted fruit from British farmers, blend it and then dry it into fruit Jerky.



Every single t plus delivery that goes out this month will include your super vitamin enriched teas along with a packet of vegan fruit jerky and a 25% discount code to use on their website. We’re super excited to be teaming up with Snact to offer you guys the ultimate mid-morning healthy pick me up, so, what are you waiting for? Check out our super tea bundles here and get a healthy goodie box delivered straight to your door!


Big love, team t plus x

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