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15th April 2016 | Blog

Say hello to our fab new blog buddy!

Here at t plus HQ we were having a discussion earlier this year about who we are. We’re a drinks company sure ( stating the obvious ), but there’s a frame of mind and a belief behind this magic little tea. 

We started t plus because we were health conscious people, regular people though, not the intense crazy eyed shouty dont-smile-just-eat-quinoa-forever type people. We thought health was getting a bit serious, and often a bit boring. That was first up evident in tea and mainly in green, herbal and fruit teas that more and more people were drinking, but mostly complaining about. So we took on a mission to make the world of tea smarter by making something healthy, convenient and great tasting, and so t plus was born and what a beautiful baby it was!

However, t plus and hot drinks are only one piece of the puzzle. We want to advocate a realistic, easy, healthy life and the benefits that come with it in terms of nutrition, fitness, snacking and everything that makes up daily life. Thats why we were so happy to meet the lovely Nicole and read her blog and chat with her about her journey  into the world of healthy food and a happy lifestyle. Like us, Nicole is a regular person that took baby steps on her journey to living a cleaner life and believes in the balance that comes with it. 

We read Nicole’s blog with interest and marvelled over the beautiful foodie photographs she takes ( take a look at ) and finally got to the point where we begged her to be part of the t plus family. Thankfully she likes these little smarter teas and what we’re doing so accepted to be our resident guest blogger and bring you guys a monthly blog post on tips, tricks and stories on how you guys can take your own baby steps to clean and happy living. 

So please welcome the lovely Nicole to the t plus family ( group hug ) and check back in every month to see her fab blogs for us on how to complement the smarter tea with a smarter lifestyle! In the meantime, here’s Nicole herself to say hello to you lovely lot…



Hello lovely T-plus blog readers! As I’m going to be popping up here on the t plus blog every month I thought it would be nice to start off with a little introduction about myself. 


My name is Nicole and I’m a healthy food enthusiast and peanut butter addict from Scotland who has a passion for porridge and watches food documentaries for fun. I haven’t always been like this, though. Rewind two years and I was a sugar monster, eating all the sweeties and not really bothering much about my health or diet. I mean, I felt okay so why would I? 

It’s a little bit crazy to think that you can feel so awful but that you don’t ever actually realise it until you begin to change your lifestyle and begin to feel so much better. It started just under two years ago. I was working full-time and it suddenly hit me how unhealthy I was. I ate all the junk, drank pretty much no water and never did any exercise at all. Over the course of the next year, I slowly started changing my lifestyle – first I joined the gym and then I started eating better, adding more fruit and vegetable goodness into my diet and slowly cutting out all the bad sugary snacks and processed foods. Long story short, now I love healthy food and have started a whole blog around it (yes, the love is that serious), and I have never felt better. 

I think the last change I made in my journey to lead a healthier lifestyle was to reduce my caffeine intake, which was probably the hardest change to make for me. I started slowly, cutting down from a few cups of coffee a day to just one, and then to a few a week, and eventually to just very occasionally now and usually only when I’m out (because I do love nothing more than meeting friends for coffee). However, because I live in Scotland, I needed a hot drink replacement as it is always freezing here, so I started trying out different teas. 

I really wanted to like green tea and knowing how good it is for you, I used to make myself drink it, hating every second. The flavoured ones were nicer but still not that nice that I particularly wanted to drink them. A few months ago I discovered t plus on Twitter, though, and fell in love with green tea. The flavours are so yummy and I love how they are also filled with lots of vitamin goodness. Finally, a super powered tea I actually looked forward to drinking.

So, of course, when the lovely James asked me if I would like to become the new T Plus guest blogger I said yes. I am so excited to be working with a brand I love and spreading the green tea love. Keep an eye out here every month as I’ll be writing lots of posts with tips and advice on how to lead a healthier lifestyle and feel a million times better!

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