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17th February 2017 | Blog

12 Ways To Get More Fruit and Veg Into Your Diet

There is no downside to eating more fruit and veggies. In fact, I’m pretty sure most people could do with eating a bit more. It doesn’t need to be hard, you just need to figure out some quick and easy ways to sneak those little bundles of goodness into your diet. Aim for lots of colour, plenty of green and as many as poss. And, in the spirit of this month’s #smarterswap theme, lots of the tips I’m sharing here are really easy swaps that will do you a whole lot of good. 


- Add a handful of dried fruit to your breakfast. Grate up a carrot and add it to your pasta sauce. You don’t even notice it’s there. 

- Swap ice cream for banana ice cream. Chop and freeze some bananas and then blend them up with a little plant milk to make a super thick and creamy ice cream like dessert. It’s a total game changer. 

- Add an extra portion with your dinner. I eat broccoli with almost every meal, gotta pack in those greens and broccoli is my fave. 

- Swap veggies for meat sometimes. You can make a pretty mean curry with no meat in sight, the only thing you need to swap is meat for veggies, everything else is the same. 

- Cook a banana into your porridge. It makes it super creamy and sweet. 

- Double up. Whatever the recipe says to add, double it. 

- Don’t skip dessert – have fruit (banana or apple and peanut butter is heaven).

- Pack in the goodness to a smoothie blending fruit and water together. 

- Blend up frozen berries to make a sorbet. 

- Add a spiralised courgette to your spaghetti or noodles. 

- Sweet potato instead of regular potato – mash, chips, baked or roasted, it’s a super easy swap that totally doesn’t lack on taste. 


What are your fave ways to sneak more fruit and veggies into your diet? 


Nicole x 

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