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20th May 2016 | Blog

The only thing you need to get ‘summer ready’

This post was originally titled ‘tips to get back on track with your resolutions in time for summer’ but I realised that that isn’t the kind of advice I want to be giving you, let me tell you why…

I hate how much pressure there is around this time of year for people to get ‘summer ready’ with lots of diets offering a quick fix to give you the perfect summer body. These are the type of diets that make you unhappy, make you feel unsatisfied and while they can give fast results, more often than not they don’t last much beyond July. 

If you feel miserable, it doesn’t matter how you look because you aren’t happy. 

It’s much more important to focus on changing your lifestyle, always making sure you are happy and never ever depriving yourself. Okay, you might not get a killer summer body, but you’ll feel so much better and that’s really what matters. If you feel good in yourself then everything else will follow. 

We need to learn to love our bodies, look after them properly and eat intuitively. 

It’s all about eating food filled with goodness and making sure you get enough exercise, oh and drinking plenty of water is important too. These are simple things, things the diet industry don’t want you to know about because it might ruin their ’30 day kale diet’ or whatever the latest craze is. Being happy and healthy is easy, you just need to commit yourself to it and make little changes over time. I can tell you this from experience because I used to be one of those people who felt horrible, tried and irritable all the time because I just wasn’t eating well. Over time, I started eating more wholefoods, cut out processed food, ate a whole lot more fruit and veggies, started exercising and drinking lots of water. Of course, this didn’t happen over night. It took months, maybe even a year, but when you start to notice little improvements and realise how much better you feel, you’ll never look back.  

Never let yourself feel deprived and hungry. Eating enough is so important, because if you don’t it’s likely you won’t feel good. We need to nourish our bodies, eat well and not be afraid of carbs. I hate that the diet industry have made carbs a dirty word. You need carbs, don’t cut them out. Don’t try to live off a juice diet, cut out all fat or try to live on under 1,000 calories a day. These things won’t work because they will make you feel miserable. 

The only way you are going to get summer ready is to focus on your happiness. Eat properly, exercise four or five times a week doing an activity you enjoy and stop comparing yourself to others. Focus on you for a change. I can’t tell you how big a difference these little things made to me. Stop worrying about looking perfect and start making yourself feel wonderful, because that’s all you really need to feel summer ready. 

Nicole x




  • Julie smith on

    Great blog – thanks!!

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