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01th September 2014 | Blog

Hello World!

If you're reading this then you're evidently a fan of great tasting and good doing beverages. Either that or you got lost looking for T Pain’s website. If thats the case, stick around anyway. If you are the former, then we hope you like the look of the new website and we hope even more that you like the look of our new range of wellness drinks.

We've been striving for a long time to launch t plus and to see it come together is great. It's been created for genuine reasons that we felt needed addressing. Now, more than ever the world is a pretty educated place when it comes to health and nutrition. Social media, as well as traditional TV and print media campaigns all contribute to educate and inform us on the latest trends, do’s and dont’s when it comes to what we eat and drink. That's great and more information and continued focus on the sector will help everyone in the long run.

However, this can also lead to information overload. New food and drink seem to come into and out of trend at pretty regular intervals so people can be forgiven for getting a little exasperated with the latest ‘super’ fruit from outer Mongolia ( if there is a super fruit from outer Mongolia please let us know and you win any box of tea for being a food genius / knowing how to use Google ** ).

So, this led us to create t plus. We're not going to create a one stop shop for all your nutritional needs, and we don't like anyone who professes that they can.

What we can do is give a little helping hand with a blend of good, natural ingredients for when and where you need it. You're still going to have to eat those greens and you still have eat and drink according to what basic nutrition (and your mum) tells you to. But we know life isn't that easy, or that simple. Manic work and social lifestyles means it can sometimes be a bit difficult to source that sesame quinoa and tofu salad lunch ( mmmmm our favourite! ). So we figured that blending some convenient all natural functional teas, while making sure they taste pretty darned good to boot might make it an easy and fun way for people to do themselves some good.

So whether you need a little helping hand after a heavy saturday night, need all tools at your disposal to fight off that incoming cold or just simply want a great tasting drink, t plus will do its bit to help you out.

Now, if we can just get T Pain to merge his website with us, everyone will be better off…

**In super fast time Alex Clere flagged the goji berry as resident of outer Mongolia so Alex wins that one!

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