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03th April 2015 | Blog

Who, what, why ( and, um where?) is t plus ???

Why drink t+??

We know you guys have an endless choice in drinks. Some do you some good and others taste great. We set out to make a drink that hits both those buttons, but if that doesn’t convince you, take a look at the below 5 reasons we reckon these little teas are pretty good…

t+ is new. 

Simply put, t plus is new, there’s nothing like it out there. Sure there’s loads of green and herbal teas cluttering up the supermarket aisles, but they all look and act the same!! Green tea alone is super healthy, no arguments. We just wanted to make it work that little bit harder for you, so we made our green tea super charged! We’re the only people in the industry to add vitamins to tea in this way to give you super healthy functional teas. We’ve spent a long time working with nutritionists and health experts to blend each of our teas with the right herbs and vitamins to give you the effect you need. We also believe that healthy doesn’t have to mean bad taste. Most of those other teas out there have a pretty ‘aquired’ taste to them making them pretty hard to drink, health claims aside.  We made sure we designed all our teas around exciting fruit flavours to make sure you love the tea that loves you back!

t+ has vitamins??

That’s right. Vitamins. Good old B and C vitamins. We wanted to make super health green tea, just a little more super. So we add in 7 daily essential vitamins to each tea bag to make our teas a source of daily essential vitamins for you. We all have those busy days where we make some pretty bad food and drink choices so we maybe dont get the vits we need. That’s why we created super healthy functional teas that will make it easy for you to load up on those body boosting B and C vitamins. All convenient, all healthy and all tasty!

t+ is natural 

There’s way too many weird and wonderful man made ingredient out there these days. We made a commitment that we will only use natural ingredients in making our drinks. We figure that anything mother nature can’t provide for us probably isn’t that good for us anyway. So we’ll keep scouring nature to bring the best it has to offer into your drink. 

t+ tastes great!

There’s lots of flavoured green teas, fruit teas, herbal teas etc. etc. out there, but most of them have one problem in common, they carry a pretty ‘acquired’ taste. That was part of the reason we started creating t plus. For all the will in the world, we all want and need drinks that will do us some good, but why do we need to sacrifice taste? So, every t plus drink has been taste tested hundreds of times by master blenders and tasting panels to ensure we have the right level of fruit fusion taste. Give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised! 

t+ is necessary

In this super fast paced world we’re all living in these days, we know that the odds are against you on health and nutrition most of the time. t plus has been developed to level the playing field and give you the tools needed, when needed most. t plus won’t cure your flu by the time you reach the bottom of the cup, neither does it wipe out the need to eat your greens (sorry guys, we’re still working on that one), but every one has been designed to help load you up on the vitamins and nutrients needed to help achieve that functional need. 

We’ve spent a long time making these little magic little teas, and we wanted to make them work harder for your health than anything out there and taste better than anything out there. We’re big fans ( to the extent we’re currently drinking our way through the majority of our stock - business 101!) and we’re proud of what weve made. Give us a try and find out just why we call it ‘the smarter tea’.


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