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04th May 2015 | Blog

Spring clean your diet this Spring!

Spring clean your diet this Spring!

Those dark Winter days are long gone and we are on a one way ticket to Summer now - woohoo!! So right about now is the perfect time to say goodbye to Winter comfort foods and welcome the sunny days with a fresh new take on food. 

With the days getting longer and the temperature getting higher, it’s the perfect time to look at what and how you are eating and how it’s affecting your goals. Why not make a few little positive changes and get into Summer in tip top shape? Here’s a few little t plus favourite tips on ‘Spring cleaning’ habits this time of year:


Stop groaning. You expected this one, right? We’ll get onto the diet part in a minute but this is where we’re starting. For all but the most dilligent of us, Winter is a pretty hard time to maintain a decent exercise patter. Wet, cold nights don’t make for an easy environment to get out and about. However, with the days lighter and brighter theres no excuse now. Walk, run, sports, swim, whatever - just get out there and start doing it. First time wont feel great, but we promise you that the 10th session will and this all has a knock on effect to what, and how you will eat.





Eat Fresh!

Winter is great for hearty, rich meals, but this time of year is perfect for fresh fruit and veg and lighter meals. There’s a fantastic diversity of new fruit and veg and with it a new diversity in nutrients. Asparagus, purple broccoli & strawberries just to name a few. Drop by your local farmers market and see what’s on offer that you can introduce to your diet. Don’t know what to do with them? Sneak them into a smoothie alongside a sweeter fruit to get that goodness hit. 




Clean out the cupboards and fridge.

You’ve got all that healthy food, now time to make space for it. Go through the cupboards and fridge and ditch all the heavy sauces, dips and snacks that were your go to guys for comfort Winter eating. Replace them with bowls of fruit, pre cut veggies, yoghurt and lighter salad dressings. Seems pretty obvious but you can't eat any bad stuff that isnt in your fridge/cupboard. 


Plan ahead.

We know this bit isn’t easy. We set up t plus as we lived the hectic lifestyle that led to a grab and go diet, but this is a biggie. Try to plan and prep your meals at the beggining of every week. This makes sure you use all that healthy stuff you bought up and avoid the sugar loaded, carb heavy convenience food that we all too often fall into the trap of grabbing for lunch or an afternoon snack. Hate planning? No problem, make extras when you do cook and have leftovers for next days lunch or a snack. Have staples like brown rice, legumes and proteins on hand to throw together with some greens, veggies and a light sauce or dressing and you’re set. Easy peasy. 

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