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06th July 2018 | Blog

2 Days to Go – T Plus Take on the Leeds 10km

July is all about running for us here at T Plus, which you may have noticed all over social media (follow us here on Twitter or Instagram if you’re not already!).

Why have we got the running bug, you might ask?

Well two members of the T Plus Team (Founder James and Marketing Manager Vicki) signed up to do the Leeds 10km a few months back and that day has almost arrived. In honour of this, we’ve been delving into all things running and we hope some of you have caught the bug too!

Keep your eyes peeled for some more running related interviews, tips and advice throughout the month – plus hopefully James & Vicki will be able to give us some honest advice on running your first 10km in just a few days.

For now, as we only 2 days left until Team T Plus tie up their trainers and take on their first 10km, we thought we’d catch up with our budding runners

James – T Plus Co-Founder

Biggest worry for Sunday?

I’ve never actually run as far as 10k! The furthest I’ve got in my very limited training is 8Km which wasn’t all that easy so I’m hoping that there is no ‘wall’ I have to get over lurking around the 8.5Km mark! That, and the fact I have a bad habit of racing those around me from the few park runs I’ve done which isn’t a good idea when I’m burning all my energy in the first few miles. 

Best running song?

Eye of the tiger – Survivor

 T Plus of choice?

t+ Boost always. I’ve given up on coffee so Boost is my go to morning drink most mornings and so might need to double up on the dose for Sunday. 

Post run snack?

Pizza (that counts as a snack, right?) 

Current 10km time: Unknown territory. I don’t have one yet! 

Goal: Anything under 1hr 10 and I’ll be fairly happy. 


Vicki – Digital Marketing & Brand Manager

Biggest worry for Sunday?

The heat. My weather app currently has Sunday in as glorious sunshine with highs of 28. Hopefully I’ll be done and dusted before the temperature starts climbing, but hydration and sunscreen are going to be my best friends.

Best running song?

Not going to lie, The Game by Motörhead is my song of choice.

T Plus of choice?

I’m a t+ Detox girl usually, but on Sunday morning it’s going to have to be a t+ Boost on the way.

Post run snack?

All of the carbs, slathered with peanut butter.

Current 10km time: 1:00:36

Goal: 1:00:00 or less!


To support them, we are still offering 10% off all tea this week – just use the promo code 10FOR10. And keep an eagle eye out for competitions on the horizon! Good Luck T Plus Team!

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