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05th June 2015 | Blog

Launch of the t + taster pack!!!

We're a pretty indecisive bunch here at t plus towers. It took founder Jamie a ridiculous 15 minutes to decide on Pizza toppings at a team dinner last week. After 15 minutes of throwing things at him, that got us to talking between ourselves and some of you lovely customers on our teas. Everyone knows that our new range of super healthy, vitamin enriched teas are a) good for you and b) taste amazing ( if you didn't know that, then FYI ). However, we know sometimes you guys can be a little indecisive on which one to try first or what one is your favourite. thats why we've made the all new t plus taster pack to allow you to dip your toe into the world of super green tea before you dive in with your favourite. 

We've packaged 2 tea bags each of t + boost, t + multi vitamin, t + detox and t + immunity in one nifty little box so you get to try each of our new range ... then try them again to double check they were as good as you first thought. 

All this for just £2.60 - and with free UK postage. We're even throwing in a cheeky little discount inside against future orders with the first 100 to get you up and running in the world of smarter tea. 

**The t plus taster pack is currently only available for UK delivery. However, if you're outside of Blighty get in touch and we will sort you out.

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