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20th October 2017 | Blog

5 Top Tips For Pumpkin Carving This Halloween!

We don‘t know about you lot but here at t plus we can’t seem to get enough of autumn this year! With everything from the falling leaves, waking up to frost covered mornings and the enjoyment of deliciously wholesome veggie casseroles- we can’t help but get carried away! But as October comes to a close it brings around an occasion that even the less dressy of us dress up for... Halloween! Now, whether you are an expert in home decorating or the best at pulling together fancy dress, there is always the question of, ‘Who is going to carve the pumpkin?’

It goes without saying that Halloween brings out our inner competitiveness here at t plus HQ with each of us setting out to carve the best pumpkin. We will leave you lot to decide who you think would create the best one (cough cough) Jess (cough cough).

After a lot of trial and even more error, our helpful team here at t plus have pulled together 5 top tips to help you carve the perfect pumpkin this Halloween!

1) Pumpkin Selection

This is probably the most critical part of your pumpkin experience, choose the wrong one and you can wave your award-winning design goodbye. The beauty of choosing a pumpkin is that everyone needs different characteristics for their designs, so use this to your advantage! Whether it is the perfect shape you are looking for, a blemished surface or a particular size, make sure you get the one that is right for you!

And how do you know when you have found the pumpkin for you? Well… you will just know!

2) The Template

Now, this is probably the sneakiest tip which we are going to share with you- but who needs to know, right? Google is a fantastic place, we all know that, but the collection of templates it holds is still waiting for most to discover it! No matter what your design, head to Google, print your template, sellotape it onto the face of your pumpkin and carve away.

Trust us, this is the best unkept secret we could tell you!

3) The Correct Tools

How does the saying go? A bad workman blames his tools? Do yourself a favour and make sure you have the correct pumpkin kit, not only will this help you create your masterpiece but will make the process safer! So... What you waiting for? Get creative! 

4) Getting Down With The Slime

In most cases your tools and spoons will do the job, however, when it comes to emptying the pumpkin, you’ve just got to get in there. A spoon will help but there is nothing quite like pulling out the slimy insides of a pumpkin- adds to the feeling of Halloween right? And who knows, it could be the perfect addition to your pumpkin design!

5) Candles

And finally, the finishing touches. Your pumpkin may look great but we can guarantee it will become a show stopper when lit up in the dark by one or two tealights!

We would love to see all your tea-rrifying pumpkin designs so be sure to tag us @tplusdrinks and use the hashtag #trickortea!

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