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07th August 2015 | Blog

3 super smart t plus ways to get you through (whats left of) summer.

Okay, us Brit’s moan when it’s too hot, we moan when it’s too cold - that’s just what we do! So, we want you to find a happy medium this summer and whilst doing so, give you your daily vitamin top up and pack you beautiful people full of antioxidants!

Below we’ve invented three super ways to use t plus super green tea teabags to help you cool off in whatever we've got left left of this summer. These have even been tried, tested and signed off by the t plus team and we just know you’re gonna love them. 

All natural, all tasty, all good.


t + bubbles


We used: 1x t plus multivitamin teabag, sparkling water, heaps of ice

We did: Pop the tea bag in, pour the sparkling water on top, let it brew  and the magic powers release for 3 minutes then shove that ice in there!

Make it your own: Why not add some fresh mint leaves in or infuse it with ripe rasperries?


t +lolly

We used: 2x t plus detox teabags, 1 litre of still water, set of 4 lolly moulds

We did: Firstly, pop the kettle on. Then drop your t plus teabags into a jug and pour the litre of boiled water into the jug. Let this brew for 3 minutes then remove teabags. Now let this cool for 20 minutes. Once cooled, pour into your set of 4 lolly moulds and use your concentration face as you desperately try to get them into the freezer without spilling any sacred tea.

Make it your own: Why not add some juicy cut up strawberries or your favourite fruit in there?




We used: 1x t plus boost teabag, ¼ pink lady apple, 4 strawberries, 6 mint leaves, ice, 500ml still water (x this all by however many lovely peeps you have in your group)

We did: Boil 500ml of water and pour over your t plus boost tea bag. Let the science do it’s thing for 3 minutes then remove the teabag. Allow this to cool for 20 minutes, then pop in the fridge for 1 hour to get really chilled. Chop up all your fruit and leaves and add to the glass with a large handful of ice and pour your beautifully brewed t plus over and voila. You have your magnificent and delicious t+punch.

Make it your own: Why not go all nonalcoholic Pimms on this one and add in some orange and cucumber? You could also freeze your fruit in advance to make it cooler for longer!


So there we have it. t plus is now even cooler than it was before. Happy summer everybody! Stay safe and remember your SPF sun cream (red doesn’t turn brown no matter what your friends tell you!) and watch out for mysterious shapes being rubbed in in sun cream on your back – bad times.

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