With the recent news from the World Health Organisation (WHO) informing us that processed meats, such as bacon, sausages and ham can contribute to an increased chance of certain types of cancer (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-34615621), we felt it was time to lift your spirits and present to you some simple ways of spicing up your boring breakfast when you next reach for that bacon butty! Now, as with most of these kinds of warnings, it needs to be taken in context. However, news and warnings on these kinds of meats arent really anything new so it shouldn't come as a total shock, and it gives us all a little reminder if needed to keep things in moderation and think a bit more about what we put into our bodies. 

So what is ‘red’ and ‘processed’ meat? Well, red meat is, quite evidently, anything that is a dark red before cooking. So thats beef and lamb, but also pork. Processed meat is basically the alteration of anything from its fresh state, so that would be smoking, curing or extending shelf life in any way, so that is salami, ham, pepperoni, hot dogs etc. The below infographic from cancer research shows how the IARC ( International Agency for Research on Cancer ) categorise risk and where red and processed meats have been put as a result of these new studies.

Now, this report has to be taken in context and processed meat in moderation ( reported to be 50g per day - i.e two slices of bacon ) would do little harm and when compared to something like the dangers of smoking, its a much lower risk. However we know that many people out there are now looking around at how to fill that sizzling gap in the breakfast option after hearing this news, without  reluctantly turning towards the boring usual suspects ( sorry, we’re looking at you bran flakes). 

So, whether waking up with a heavy head this weekend, or after completing that early morning Gym session, we hope some of the below might inspire you to try something different for breakfast and keep a smile on your face. 

Pimp up your toast...

Fishy stylee - Smoked salmon, cream cheese and sliced asparagus

Mexican stylee - Refried beans, tomato salsa and a poached egg

Cheesy stylee - Melted goats cheese, grilled asparagus and roasted cherry tomatoes

Greek stylee - Moroccan humous, sliced roasted tomato and a fried egg (in olive oil)

Vegan style - Creamy avocado, with tomatoes and balsamic drizzle


Glam up your cereal bowl...

The winter warmer one - Porridge with mashed banana, cinnamon, raisins, sunflowers seeds, almonds and walnuts

The yummy stodgy one - Cinnamon crepes with nut butter, sliced banana and raspberries

The super healthy one - Trail mix with chopped apple, chia seeds, cinnamon and almond butter

The fruity one - Creamy porridge (made with flavoured yoghurt) with sliced strawberries and blueberries

The crunchy one - sliced bananas and honey, topped with yoghurt and grape nuts


So there you have it. We know it won’t heal your broken heart when all you want in the world is a bacon buttie, but it’s a good place to start! 

Happy breakfast time peeps!

Love t plus x