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04th December 2015 | Blog

Beating the winter blues

So, after a pretty wet and windy week, the weather seems to be finally turning on us. Freezing temperatures, windy rain (the worst rain there is) and dreary skies sadly don’t lead us to excitement at this time of year (besides the fact that Christmas is right round the corner - yippee!) and believe it or not, research has proven that people can be medically affected by this change and they call it (ironically) SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

Now, we run a cheery little tea company in whats been voted the ‘happiest place to live’ - Harrogate and feel we are the ones to cure all those feeling blue! So team t plus sat round and brainstormed what they do to cheer themselves up after they’ve spent 45 minutes blowdrying and straightening their hair, to then step outside and moments later be sporting the ‘Worzel Gummidge’ look (we can’t say these findings will make your hair look better, but we are pretty certain they will make you less angry with the world).

So, here goes:

Take a short winter break over Christmas

Create something to look forward to! Perhaps a long weekend in Belgium or Berlin to get you in the Christmas spirit? In Berlin they have over 80 Christmas markets scattered around the city! Round a days shopping off with a hot chocolate and a warm apple strudel! You may need to take a box of t+detox for the end of the trip :) 

Refresh your Winter wardrobe!

Put some money aside for YOU. Make sure you treat yourself to a few amazing Winter staples! Cute boots, a chic Winter coat and a show stopping hat and scarf set! It’s much easier to face the Winter when you feel pretty.

Organise an early Christmas dinner party with your friends!

Invite all your friends round (everyone bring a dish and a bottle of prosecco) and perhaps a ‘Who’s got the most awful Christmas jumper’ contest along with a game of ‘Cards against Humanity’? Sounds like a winning evening to us.

Take vitamin D supplement

Some research suggests that a vitamin D deficiency might underlie SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and that supplementing with vitamin D might help!

Plan your summer holiday

Take up a new hobby that will help you enjoy your holiday even more! Off to Spain? Learn Spanish! Off to the Caribbean? Leave how to dive at your local pool. Maybe South America is your destination of choice - no time like the present to take up Salsa!

Start Bikram Yoga to warm up

Stay warm and get fit and toned instead of turning up the heating - sounds like a good plan to us.


Have we missed some?! Tweet us your #beattheblues ideas @tplusdrinks and we will post you some samples of t+immunity green tea with vitamins to keep you warm and well this Winter! 


Love, team t plus


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