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15th January 2016 | Blog

Make lousy January better

The festivities are well and truly over and we’re into big old blue January - sniff. You are desperate to get to pay day as the fridge is bare (apart from some mouldy cheese at the back), your bank card is ashamed of you and you’re feeling the effects of December’s eat-and-drink-athon!

Dealing with the January blues are punishment enough, let alone living like a hermit on top after December’s excess. We’ve got some suggestions which can distract you as you cross off the days  till payday in your diary and also should help give those January anxiety gremlins a kick in the face.

1) Yes we’re starting with fitness. Come on - we’re a wellness company so the chocolate and marshmallow one is number 2, starting that health kick is number 1!! Social media, TV and anyone and everyone you meet is preaching the January detox word and while the gym might not look appealing as its packed to the rafters, there are other options. Start something, anything, just start. Go for a run outside, get a fitness DVD, get a yoga mat and start a sit up and plank routine or join a club and use others to motivate you. Priority number 1 is to get something started, it will lift your mood and make you feel good about yourself, you can always refine, increase or perfect what you are doing in February, but for now just start!

2) Okay, now you’ve started the mood lifting exercise pledge, you have to reward yourself too! January is all about positive balance moving forward at the right pace, not about ripping all fun from your life post Christmas. Get the girls round for hot chocolate with marshmallows, cosy PJ’s and Netflix - we’ve all abused our liver over the Christmas period so the break from the booze will be well received and a good catch up is always overdue to get the goss on that New Years party.


3) Deep clean the house, after Christmas I’m sure it needs a good scrub. I know the idea of it is painful but crank up MTV, get your gloves on and get scrubbing as there is no better feeling than once its finished, getting the kettle on, candles lit and breathing in the smell of polish and a life that is in order! Tidy house, tidy mind!

4) Sort out your finances / insurance / credit card bills / phone bills - you may not have cash right now, but that doesn't mean you can’t look after it. We all take a hit in December, but now is the time to get back on track and realign. Cut back on any memberships you aren't using, make sure you’re on the best phone tariff or set up whatever savings you can a month to make that Summer holiday an extra good one!

5) Use up those kitchen cupboard ingredients! We’re all guilty of having tins and bags of random ingredients that were once bought on a plan to make a gourmet feast, but ended up going backwards in the cupboard. Now’s the time to get them out and get creative. It will save you money, free up some space and you will learn a few new healthy home cooked dishes to boot! Check out Jamie Olivers cheap and cheerful section and see what tasty bargains you can knock up - 

6) Have your own at home pamper day with a friend! It’s a cert that you both got some lovely beauty goodies over Christmas, why not use them on each other? Facials, manicures, pedicures, the full works. You’ll feel brand new.


We’re half way through the month - hang in there people! If you’ve found a way to keep busy whilst broke this New Year - tweet us @tplusdrinks your survival technique!

Big love

t plus xx

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