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01th March 2016 | Blog

Say hello the new ( better ) t plus!

t plus just took our tea game to a whole new level. We're bigger, better and bolder in everything we do from this point on. This is more than a cosmetic makeover though, oh yes, we're changing all aspects of our blends, our look and our company values. It's basically t plus v 2.0. Here's the run down of what to expect from us from now:

New look

Ok, so we're starting superficially here. A lot of people have asked us why we're changing the look as the old look worked pretty well. Well, yeah we don't disagree with that but we've felt for a long time like we needed to be clearer and bolder on our function and messaging. We're a very different kind of tea company, we're more functional than anything out there and so we need to get this across clearly on shelf. Don't go judging these books by the cover though, there's a lot more going on under the hood...

Better blends

We've improved on everything that goes in those magic little tea bags. We've improved the taste of all our blends. We've taken on board all comments and suggestions over the last 6 months from you guys to make soft, subtle, smooth teas that taste nothing like any of the bitter, bland teas out there at the moment. We've also improved the functional herbs we put in there. We've added echinacea to boost your immune system, milk thistle to aid detox function and increased the energy releasing ginseng. The herbs are better and more targeted to give you the function you need. Then there's the vitamins...

More vitamins

We're the first company to create a vitamin enriched tea, so this is one area we wanted to improve on. We've increase the vitamin percentage in every bag to a flat 50% adult NRV ( nutrient reference value ). That means that every cup of delicious, natural t plus you go for you are getting half of your daily RDA of relevant vitamins in each cup. 2 cups a day = 100%. Easy.

Vitamin Angels

We've wanted to do this one for a long time so we're really happy to finally officially launch this. Vitamin Angels are a fantastic charity that work with malnourished children and new mums in developing countries around the world to deliver life saving vitamin supplements. We are pledging a simple monetary amount to Vitamin Angels with your help. Every box of t plus sold, we will donate £0.10 per box. That covers half of the cost of 1 vitamin A supplement for 1 child for a whole year. Take a look at our Vitamin Angels page on the website to learn more about this fantastic charity and how we can help make a difference. 

It's been a long road to creating this new smarter tea and we hope you guys like it. We are setting out to do something different in the world of tea. We're not the average, boring, lifeless tea company and so our look, our teas and what we do with our profits shouldn't be either. We are in the process of sending samples out to all our lovely fans who have ever ordered with us so hopefully most of you guys will get to try out our super new blends. Please let us know on Twitter and Facebook what you think. 

Big love team t plus x

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