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16th June 2017 | Blog

Benefits of a good nights sleep

We all do it, we all start the day off tired, feeling rubbish saying over and over again ‘tonight I am getting an early night!’ then the night comes and there’s your fave TV programme on that you just HAVE to watch. And so, the cycle starts again.

Yes, we all need sleep, and yes we are all aware that a good night’s sleep really can make you feel better, but do you know the complete benefits of getting a good night’s sleep?

The NHS have stated that the ‘normal’ amount of sleep an adult should get a night should be between seven to nine hours. Here are five reasons why you should be getting your daily snoozing hour’s rights!

Memory benefits:

You may think that whilst you sleep, you shut off and your mind stops, this is not the case. Your mind keep working overtime and remains quite active, which means your mind can go over things that have been previously learnt. So, if you have a big test coming up, get all your revision done then crash out and get a good nights kip to ensure that your mind can strengthen your memory! 

Maintaining a healthy weight:

If you want to maintain a healthy weight, you might want to consider getting more sleep, or the right amount of sleep! Not getting enough sleep may make you feel more hungry throughout the day as your body isn't properly rested and re-booted, which can of course result in eating more! So, get more sleep, and keep those snack cravings away!

Stress less!

It is well known that lack of sleep and stress can go hand in hand. So, allowing yourself the right amount of sleep each night can help you keep control of your mind which may help with over thinking, over worrying and of course over stressing. Nobody likes to feel stressed, so if that little bit more sleep can help you out, then why not? 

Dodge that depression:

Sleeping can help with generally feeling better and healthier. Therefore, getting a good night’s sleep, constantly not just on the weekends! Can help make you feel more awake during the day, less stressed and therefore help to avoid depression. After all, we all know how moody a rubbish night’s sleep can make you.


So, it's clear that sleep is pretty vital to our overall health. People focus so much on their physical health that they forget about their mental health too. Get your sleep and keep that mind happy! 


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