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Hydration Tips

20th July 2018 | Blog

Heatwave Hydration: T Plus Top Tips

The MET office is currently predicting our “heat wave” is going to continue through the next few weeks and even until the end of August. (At what point do we stop calling it a heatwave and start just calling it our new summer climate?) So far this year, there have been two consecutive days when temperatures have hit 32C or higher - June 28 and June 29. With temperature’s set to stay in the mid-20s for the foreseeable future, hydration is a hot topic.

Heatwaves can be dangerous for some people, and can lead to heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Us Brits aren’t exactly used to these tropical temperatures, which means many of us haven’t grown up with or developed good hydration habits. Dehydration can cause fatigue, headaches and nausea and can have more serious health consequences for the very young and elderly.

Our in-house Nutritionist Penny has been on hand this week to share some hydration top tips for the office, so we thought we’d share her wisdom with you guys as well.

Drink 2-3 litres of water every day

Obviously the #1 tip is to drink some water – but make sure you spread it out throughout the day. Have a glass or two first thing in the morning with some fresh lemon juice. Then late morning, 20 minutes or so before you eat, have another glass or two. After lunch has been and gone, top yourself up with some more water and then have your final fill a couple of hours before bed.

Eat “swollen” foods

Okay, perhaps that’s not the most appetising word to describe them but by “swollen” we mean foods that already contain plenty of water. These can be foods that absorb water during the cooking process (e.g. rice, grains, porridge) or water-rich fruits and vegetables. It’s the perfect time to snack on watermelon, which lives up to its name by being 92% water.

Reduce “dry” foods

Leave the biscuits in the cupboard and say no to that slice of cake. These dry foods aren’t helping you in this heat, no matter how tasty they may be.

Avoid diuretics

Caffeine, alcohol, sugary drinks. All the usual suspects. As much as we might all love spending a few hours in a beer garden on a sunny day, alcohol’s diuretic effect is fairly significant. If you must indulge, make sure you’re drinking plenty of water to account for it. Hot drinks such as tea and coffee do count towards staying hydrated, but you might prefer iced versions during the heatwave and you should switch to a low caffeine option (fancy an iced t plus, anyone?).

Essential fatty acids

Up your intake of foods filled with essential fatty acids as these will help your body hold on to water. Boost your Omega 3 intake with oily fish, avocado, eggs, nuts and seeds (but make sure you soak these dry foods first!). A homemade lindseed brew is a great way to get extra Omega 3 – add 1 tablespoon of linseeds into a flask, add boiling water and sip throughout the day.


Our in house nutritional therapist Penny is here to answer your questions.

If you want to know anything more about hydration, caffeine or anything relating to today's blog, you can ask Penny.

Comment down below, drop us an email at or leave a comment on our social media. On Wednesday, Penny will be answering them on our Facebook, live. So tune in Wednesday lunchtime to get the answer to your question – and we’ll post up the video for those who can’t watch live.

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