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27th January 2017 | Blog

How to do January Healthy Eating Right

Happy New Year guys! I’m not going to lie, I’m finding the fact that it’s January already pretty damn terrifying, like did last year even happen? I don’t tend to make resolutions because I think that if you want to change or do something you should just go for it, you really don’t need a new year to kick you into action. But in typical January fashion, the buzz words on everyone’s minds revolve around getting healthy, getting into shape and getting set for the new year, all of which normally last around five minutes. 


The problem with resolutions is that they don’t stick. January 4th and the gym is bursting full of newbies, January 10th and it’s back to all the regulars (all beaming with happiness that it’s once again nice and quiet) The thing is, you need to really want to do it, if you are forcing yourself because you feel that you have to then you won’t enjoy it and will go back to however you were before. Same goes for what’s on your plate. When I first made a conscious decision to stop eating so much crap it was because I felt like crap eating it and wanted to eat better to feel better. I started eating more whole plant-based foods and cut back on the sugary and processed variety and I started to feel so much better. I had more energy, felt less tired and actually felt really good about what I was eating. It didn’t happen overnight though and it took me a long time to sort my diet out and learn that restriction and feelings of guilt around food were not okay, despite being the norm for so many people. There were a few things I found really helped me to focus in on my diet and really start nailing the healthy eating thing. Just remember that just because you had a bloody good time over Christmas and ate all the mince pies doesn’t mean that you need to only eat salad in January. Nope, there’s more to life than salad. 


It’s not about eating less, it’s about eating more of what’s good for you 

Eating healthy is not a fad diet. Eating healthy is just about eating more of what is good for you. So many people tend to think of healthy eating as a chore, something they don’t have time for or can’t be bothered with. It’s also not about restriction, calorie counting or ‘clean eating’. There shouldn’t be any rules. Eating healthy is just about eating more of the good stuff, as much as you can pack in until you are satisfied. Don’t ever starve yourself in the name of being healthy. You should never go hungry. 


Eat three meals a day (and never skip breakfast) 

There is never a need to skip a meal. I didn’t used to eat breakfast because I thought eating in the morning was bad. It’s not. Breakfast is the best ever. Eating three proper meals a day, filled with goodness and based around whole plant foods, will make you feel fantastic. I rarely snack because I eat big portions at every meal that fill me up. Not that there’s anything wrong with snacking, I just find that eating hearty filling meals works best for me. If you do want to snack and have those sugar craves then have some fruit, because it’s so high in natural sugars it will kick that craving and leave you feeling a hella lot better afterwards than if you’d eaten a chocolate bar. Chocolate bars are okay too sometimes, though. If you really want the chocolate then eat the chocolate. 


Eat the fruit and vegetable rainbow

Fruits and vegetables are some of the most wonderful foods out there. They contain so much goodness and really do make you feel great. Don’t just aim for five a day, go for as many as you can. There are such simple ways to get them into your diet too: cook a chopped banana into your porridge in the morning; make soup for lunch filled with hearty vegetables; have carrot sticks and hummus as a snack; blitz up some berries into a smoothie. You can never eat too much fruit and veg. 


Try cooking your own meals from scratch 

Cooking your own food at home from scratch is one of the best ways to eat better because you know exactly what is going into your meals. It’s also a great way to pack in those veggies as it’s so easy to throw them into things like soup, stew, chilli or curry. These kinds of meals are all fab for making in big batches at the weekend to eat throughout the week too. You don’t need to be a masterchef either, anyone can cook up a mean curry in less than half an hour. Swap the meat for veg and you’ve got a delicious, filling and full of goodness meal. 


It’s okay to have cake (or other delicious sugary foods) sometimes too

It’s okay because it’s all about balance. I used to be a chocolate fiend, eating bars upon bars of the stuff and not feeling very great for doing so. Since I changed my diet to focus on whole foods with plenty of fruit and vegetables, I don’t crave sugary foods that often, but when I do I have them because it’s not about restriction. You are allowed a chocolate bar, and don’t feel guilty or bad for having one, enjoy it because you bloody deserve it. 


What are your top tips for eating a little healthier? 


Much love,

Nicole x 

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