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15th September 2017 | Blog

How to get yourself over those summer blues...

We are just going to say what everyone is thinking, where on earth has summer gone? It is no secret that darker nights are drifting in and that occasional summer breeze is being given a frosty touch. Here at T Plus HQ, we love the changes from summer to autumn, but with that, we find ourselves trying to get over those undeniable summer blues- not so easy!

Knowing that we are not alone on our mission to get over the summer we have pulled together 5 tea’rrific tips to help you boost out of the blues.

Time to get over that summer jet lag!

Here at t plus we find that summer offers the perfect recipe for sleep deprivation, and the ingredients being a pinch of longer days and a sprinkle of shorter nights. With the early rises to lengthen the day paired with evenings where the line ‘it’ll be an early one’ is never quite accurate, you can say hello to baggy eyes and daily cat naps.

Nothing is quite like a good night’s sleep, so grab that book you promised yourself to read but haven’t yet started, pour a cup of your favourite t plus and just relax. The day is over, the night is closing in, now your job is to make sure you are getting those 8 hours of z’s!

Hi! I am fruit and veg- remember me?

Now, we know the struggle of getting back on that healthy eating band wagon all too well, but this time, let’s do it together? The BBQ’s, endless ice cream, and the more the occasional glass of vino have all been great, but remembering your 5-a-day and eating those healthy power foods will work wonders for kicking away those summer blues and kick starting you!

Fail to prepare, prepare to fail!

This saying is one which you hear over and over again, but it couldn’t be more true. Whether you are heading back to school, leaving for university or going back to work, make sure you put some time aside to get yourself ready for it! Those new pens and that 2017-2018 diary are all great but getting your mindset back to where it needs to be will help you take on that first day back like a complete professional. 

Bust a move!

We all have a different opinion when it comes to exercise but with the fitness industry having everything from Zumba to spinning and swimming to golf, there really is something for everyone. The trick with exercise is to enjoy what you do and have FUN doing it, yes fun is possible. Here at t plus our team keeps active in various different ways, including; squash, buggy running, ball room dancing and boxercise- varied we know! But whatever gets your feet moving, try to add it into your routine a few times a week, and you never know, you might find yourself looking forward to it!

Look forward.

Just because summer is over, it doesn't mean that there is no fun to be had! Think about those frosty morning walks, cosy nights by the fire, warming up with your favourite cup of t plus and all the seasonal events that come with Autumn and Winter. So here is to swapping t-shirts for jumpers, to putting your best welly forward and getting excited about change!

We have done our part, now it is your turn. Try and apply these 5 tips to your daily routine and watch those summer blues float away!

Be sure to tag us @tplusdrinks when you take on your summer blues battle and show us your #selftea.

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