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06th October 2017 | Blog

How to keep training this winter!

Yep. We see you there, hiding on the sofa all cosy and warm away from the frosty chills of autumn. Our guess is that you have also said to yourself ‘Why should I go out and exercise in the cold when I can catch up on X-Factor with a cup of t plus in the comfort of my home?’- We’re spot on aren’t we?

When it comes to the weather changes of autumn it is no surprise that the majority of us lose that get up and go spirit for outdoor exercise and put it to the end of our to-do list. Here at t plus we love the autumnal changes and definitely don’t let this season stop us from putting our best trainer forward. With that in mind we have pulled together 5 ways to keep that spring in your step as the temperatures get lower!

Longer warm up

When it comes to training in cooler temperatures, think of yourself as a car- Yes, a car. You are going to take a lot longer to warm up in the winter rather than being warm and ready to go in the summer. Not only can it be uncomfortable training when you are cold but it also presents an increased risk of injury. And with injury, there is no beating around the bush; you have far too much to do this season to waste it on a pull or strain!

15 minutes, that’s all it takes, stretch, warm up and get ready to kick the cold!  

Remember that hoodie

It is always the question, ‘shall I wear a hoodie or not?’ And the answer is, yes! The dilemma is that you will be cold but after 5-10 minutes you will be well on your way to working up a sweat so is it worth having it. But the way we see it is that it is a lot easier to cool down than it is to warm up in this weather. So when you do get a little warmer and want to demote the extra layer all you have to do is tie it round your waist.

As we say at t plus HQ… Better to have and not need than the need and not have!

Get creative in the cold

Control the cold, DO NOT let the cold control you! With the change in weather it may mean a change in workout which is a good thing! With exercise it is so easy to get stuck in your ways and do the same routine over and over again. So have a look, change sprints to long distance, create various HIT routines, and focus on different body types with nothing more than a park bench. The possibilities are endless, so look around, find some inspiration and have fun!

Vitamin support

In the cold it is just as important to protect your body inside as it is out which is why you should make sure your diet is giving you everything you need. From fruit and veg to your 2 cups of t plus a day, your body will be beaming with all the essential vitamins and minerals it needs to fight off any cold, coughs and sniffles.

Sunglasses- But it’s not sunny?

Now, don’t laugh at us with this suggestion because it is something you will thank us for one day! Your eyes are so delicate and the cold is something which affects them in so many different ways. Although it may not be sunny high energy UV rays still power their way through the clouds resulting in visual issues (not idea if moving at speed). In addition the cold can leave your eyes feeling dry and tired therefore the sunglasses act like a defense shield. And the thing we all can’t stand, when your eyes run! There is no reason why your eyes should be running more than you are, therefore applying a pair of sunnies ticks this off your list of worries.

You. Are. Welcome! 

And there you have it, apply these 5 things to your fitness routine, and as the autumn leave fall watch your dislike of cold weather training fall away as well! And after all the exercise has been done, there is nothing quite like warm up inside with a mug of t+ Detox, what do you think?

Here at t plus we long to keep active 365 days a year and want to how you guys like to keep warm in the cold so tag @tplusdrinks and show us your frosty fitness.

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