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03th November 2017 | Blog

Spotlight On Detox - Behind The Scenes…

Now, detox is a word which has grown in popularity, become a regular health recommendation and has grown from a word into a trend. But how many of us actually know the meaning behind it?
People have thrown the word ‘detox’ round for a while now and as they have it has occassionally become a dirty and unclean term- ironic hey! Various regimes and products which tried to build themselves around the detox hype did so in ways which weren’t actually beneficial to health and has left ‘detox’ with a slightly tarnished reputation within the healthy living market.
Here at t plus we believe health is important inside and out, and our teas have been designed with that in mind. We set out on this super tea journey because a lot of other products out there seem to promise a lot but deliver little in terms of the health or function they are meant to provide. Our teas have been built to help protect and look after your body in different ways, from t+ Boost giving you the energy you need to t+ Immunitea topping up your defences in winter. But for now, let’s get back to the real question of ‘what is detox?’
Although we have our t+ Detox, the meaning behind our tea is not quite the same as the other 100’s of ‘detox teas’ and nor is our concept of ‘detox’. Unlike other brands, our super teas were not created to give a quick fix (and leave you sitting on the toilet for 5 days!), but instead work to aid natural cleansing and filtering- think of it as giving your body a little helping hand. 
Our unique detox blend was created with the sole purpose to cleanse and renew you when you need it most, be that after a heavy weekend or as part of an upcoming health kick. So to help you really understand the meaning, functioning, and purpose of detox, we have pulled together the 4 fab features of our super t+ Detox blend and show you how the tea really does what it says on the box…
Dandelion Root & Milk Thistle
Traditionally dandelion root, milk thistle, and ginger root have been used for thousands of years to cleanse and support critical organs making them key components of our t+ Detox. These herbs support and improve the functioning of the liver, kidney and the digestive system all which play a huge part in our overall health and wellbeing.
50% RDA vitamins B2 and C
Now for the point which is what t plus Drinks is known for… One of our super tea bags gives you 50% RDA for B and C vitamins (including B12, B6, folic acid and biotin), giving more nutritional punch than any hot drink out there! Key for our detox function are vitamins B2 and C, vitamins that are proven to help contribute to the reduction of oxidative stress, which is why they are key to our detox blend
Now this one may seem obvious however it is probably one of the most essential! It is no secret that water and keeping yourself fully hydrated is a fantastic way to keep your body cleansed and maintained. Therefore, what better way to refresh, and renew with a product that gives you all the essentials while rehydrating you… That’s a double winner in our eyes! 
As many of you will know one of the main health qualities of green tea is the antioxidants which it contains, which is why we have it play a key role in not just our t+ Detox but all of the t plus range. Antioxidants help to protect your body from the effects and damage caused by free radicals. Free radical build up in the body is brought on through oxidization, caused by everyday activities like smoking, stress, exercise and even just breathing! We can’t avoid these free radical building up, but antioxidants do the job of keeping them in check and our body in balance.
Detox can be a confusing, and often contentious topic- that's not how we see it though. Our company is built around the concept of holistic, and balanced health and while our little t + Detox wont wipe out last night’s pizza, it will help give you a little nudge in the right direction! 
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