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01th June 2018 | Blog

T Plus Tips - Running For Beginners

At T Plus Towers, we’ve got 37 days left until Founder James and Digital Marketing Manager Vicki (hi!) take on the Leeds 10km on July 8th (feel free to come and shout encouraging things at us). This will be our a first for both of us, so we thought it’d be great to share of the tips and advice we’ve learnt along the way for any others out there looking to run their first 5km or 10km this summer.

Why Running?

But first, let’s talk about why should you start running. The benefits are many and they differ for everyone.

In terms of health, there are plenty of studies out there that show that those who run reap the benefits of lower risks of cancer, diabetes, heart disease and more. Plus, the benefits to your mental health can be huge.

Beyond the health benefits, running has other perks. For some it's a convenient, cheap way to exercise. For others it's a way to clear the mind. It can either being a solo pursuit to challenge yourself or social sport to make new friends, depending on your preference.

Put simply, running is an accessible way to exercise. Everyone can do it no matter your age or size or experience. It doesn't matter if you haven't broken into a jog since the days of PE class, there's always the chance to start.

The Tips

Tip #1 - Follow a plan

The easiest plan to get on board with is the classic Couch to 5k programme. The NHS has its own, but there are plenty of apps out there that you can get to help you as well. Following a programme gives you structure, makes you push yourself and helps you set and achieve measurable goals.

Tip #2 - Embrace the discomfort

Everyone struggles when they push themselves. If running was easy, we'd all be Mo Farrah by now. To get better at something you need to go further than what is comfortable. Soon you'll notice that the 5 minute run you struggled with 5 weeks ago is a breeze.

Tip #3 - Fuel up

To get better and go further, your body needs fuel. Carbs are king here as your body generally digests simple carbs faster. If you’ve got a couple of hours before your run, go for a healthy portion of carbs. If you’ve not got that much time, then something smaller and that won’t leave you feeling bloated is best - a piece of fruit of yoghurt. After you're run, a protein and carb filled snack is your best bet.

Tip #4 - Don't be too eager

No matter how much you enjoy your new found love of running, remember to rest. The general rule of thumb is to do 3-4 runs a week maximum when you're starting out. Your muscles tear during exercise and recover on your rest days - so those rest days are actually when you're building muscle. This is what allows you to get stronger, so don't neglect them.

Tip #5 - Drink lots of water

Running can dehydrate you, especially in the summer (even our British ones). To avoid this make sure you're drinking plenty of water before your run, during your run and after. Plus, keeping hydrating is a good practice to follow in life anyway!

Tip #6 - Get a great playlist

Never underestimate the power of music. It's been scientifically proven that listening to music whilst running improves performance, and curating the right playlist can really help. It doesn't matter if you're into power ballads or power metal or even both, pick whatever pumps you up.

Tip #7 - Set a goal

You don’t have to sign up for a 5km or 10km race like us, but setting yourself a goal will definitely help you. When you know you’ve got a goal to reach and a deadline of when to get there, it can provide that little bit of motivation you need to get your trainers on. When you’ve had a long day and you just don’t feel like it, knowing you’ve got a 10km in 38 days can really help you hit the pavement.

Speaking of which we might have to leave this blog here. Anyone seen our trainers?

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