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13th August 2018 | Blog

The 5 Best Podcasts You Should be Listening to

How much free time do you have in a day? Be it travelling to and from work, or a walk to get some lunch, these juicy snippets of time that are often mundane could really be spiced up by something other than the pounding beat of music coming through your headphones. Here’s where the golden world of Podcasts comes into play…

What is a podcast?

The name itself is a bit odd and seems to come from a mash up of ‘iPod’ and ‘Broadcast’, hence ‘Podcast’. These little beauties are audio recordings which cover a huge range of topics from popular trends to crime thrillers, from grief to comedy. And the best part is, they’re usually completely free to download and enjoy!

Podcasts are a great way to act as fillers in your day, whether you’re on a train or training in the gym, washing up or walking home. They are easy to dip in and out of and a brilliantly cheap and easy way to educate and entertain yourself.

So, as part of our #OpportunityofaLunchTime campaign, to help you make the most of your lunch break, we’ve devised T Plus’s top 5 favourite lunchtime podcasts to share with you.

T Plus Top 5 Podcasts

Reasons to be Cheerful:

They call themselves ‘the podcast about ideas’ and they’re not wrong. Ed Miliband (yes, that Ed Miliband) and presenter, Geoff Lloyd, focus on a different societal problem each week and talk to experts from their fields to explain them and then explore innovative solutions. Topics have ranged from the education system to universal basic income, all discussed in an accessible and interesting tone. This is sandwiched by banterous chats between the Ed and Geoff, taking the mick out of themselves and each other, as well as chatting with a comedian to give their suggestions for light-hearted solutions to these problems. Have a listen here

The Guilty Feminist:

Oh, where to start with describing this band of lovely ladies! Addressing feminism can often lead to the labelling of man hating and being overly angry, but this podcast perfectly displays the reality of being a woman in the 21st Its packed full of discussions of the awkwardness we feel is some situations, the feeling of ‘that wasn’t very feminist of me’ is exemplified with the podcast opening with the panel completing the sentence: “I’m a feminist, but…”. The completion of this sentences set the tone for the rest of the podcast which masterfully dips between serious heartfelt discussion, and silly banter about boobs and Trump. What’s not to love? Have a listen here

The Griefcast:

This is the winner of the 2018 Podcast awards and is a must listen for everybody. In this podcast, comedians talk about death and loss, while also managing to make you feel uplifted. Sensitively discussing the complexity of the human experience of loss, as well as the cheeriness that surrounds life. Definitely give it a go- you’ll fall in love with it. Have a listen here

The Listening Project:

This is a BBC Radio 4 project where normal people are recorded having an intimate and honest conversation between friends and relatives. These little glimpses into strangers’ conversations are really touching and highlight the similarities between us all. It is a unique way of being the fly on the wall in a private conversation and is an amazing way to feel empathy for other people’s views and experiences. From ‘Young, vegan and black’, to new adopted sisters discussing their new family, this is a life affirming podcast that will make you fall in love with strangers. Have a listen here

It’s Nice That Podcast:

This podcast introduces us to creative works from around the world and tries to pick apart why they are so successful. They discuss everything from our relationship and reaction to colour, the success of music videos, to the origins of money and how different currencies are designed. Will and Alex discuss their own experiences before chatting about these with experts in their field, including University Professors and the choreographer of Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’- iconic. Have a listen here


So, instead of munching on your sandwich at your desk scrolling through twitter, seize your #OpportunityofaLunchTime and get out, go on a walk, find a park bench to park yourself on and have a listen to these beautifully made podcasts.

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