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20th January 2017 | Blog

The No Beige Office Survival Kit! The Jill Gardner guest blog

My name is Jill and I have become fondly known as The Fat Controller. 20 years ago I was working in an office 9-5 and struggling with my expanding waist line. Mid morning and afternoon were typically fighting cravings when my energy crashed.


My typical work day ‘beige’ diet:

Breakfast: low fat cereal, skim milk, toast & jam, orange juice

Snack: low fat cereal bar or diet biscuit and cappuccino with skim milk

Lunch: low calorie sandwich, low fat crisps, can of diet soda

Snack: calorie controlled chocolate bar, tea

Dinner: pasta bake


These so called ‘health’ foods actually created more hunger, cravings and fatigue. Looking back my meals were always beige, processed and devoid of colour.


Beige foods are largely refined starchy carbohydrates full of sugar that stimulates our primary fat storing hormone insulin. Grazing on these foods all day causes insulin to up and down leaving us cranky, hungry and eventually fatter.


So what are beige, dead foods? Beige, processed foods look nothing like real foods. Real foods are largely as nature intended, minimally processed if at all and look natural. #Beigedeadfood as a general rule doesn’t look anything like it grew from a tree, plant or bush or had arms, legs, eyes or wings. They have very few ingredients (1 ingredient being ideal) such as chicken breast, salad leaves, vegetables, full fat plain yogurt fruit, oats, rice, fish, eggs etc. Real foods take longer to digest and are more satiating. They help stabilise hunger, energy and cravings and because they are nutrient dense we also look and feel healthier.


New Year is a good time to detox from the beige (#debeigetox) and so I advise you to banish those empty calorie, sugar laden foods from the cupboards and replace with real and colourful whole foods:


Beige foods to banish and save for special treats only:

  • Fried goods such as chips and crisps
  • Ice cream, deserts, sweetened low fat puddings and yoghurts
  • Ready meals, pizza, breaded processed foods
  • Biscuits, chocolate bars, sweets
  • Pies, pastries, cakes, sausage rolls and pasties
  • Shop bought sandwiches including wraps and pittas
  • Sugar and artificial sweeteners


The ‘No Beige’ shopping list. A simple shopping list of foods you can eat freely:

 Protein and fibre are the most satiating of food combinations and should form the basis of each meal. Add fat and natural starchy carbohydrates to tolerance and taste. For weight loss, you might want to limit starches to a few only bites at each meal.



Chicken, eggs, fish, beef, pork, lamb, turkey, liver, Quorn, tofu for example



All green and fibrous vegetables, salads and low sugar fruits such as kale, broccoli, courgette, asparagus, avocado, spinach, cauliflower, tomatoes, peppers, celeriac, cabbage, greens, leeks, garlic, onion, watercress, rocket, colourful berries, apples, pears etc



Olive oil, mayonnaise, butter, nut butters, nuts and seeds, coconut oil, full fat dairy


Natural starchy carbohydrates:

Oats, banana, sweeter fruits, whole rice, quinoa, sweet potato, root vegetables, potato, lentils and beans.


First Option Meal Plan


My 5 day ‘No Beige’ fat burning and energy boosting plan:


Energy boosting breakfasts: 

 Option 1: oats with berry compote and scoop of greek or natural yoghurt

Option 2: mashed banana, cinnamon and egg omelette

Option 3: Rye toast with mashed avocado and poached egg


Craving busting snacks: 

 Option 1: nuts and seeds

Option 2: a couple of squares of dark chocolate 

Option 3: a scoop of natural nut butter with a chopped apple


Fat burning lunches:

 Option 1: no beige avocado and tuna salad served in a lettuce wrap

Option 2: homemade chicken soup and oat cakes

Option 3: left over herby vegetable and cheese frittata with rocket


Satisfying dinners:

 Option 1: baked sweet potato wedges, grilled fish and steamed vegetables

Option 2: chili con carne with whole grain rice 

Option 3: chicken curry with cauliflower rice


Delicious drinks:

 Option 1:T Plus Green Tea

Option 3: water flavoured with lemon, lime or cucumber

Option 3: coffee black or with full fat milk


 Second Option


Office prep meals you can do in 5 mins:

Boil up eggs the night before, add smoked salmon and avocado

Take in left over dinners in a tupperware pot and reheat

Soak oats overnight with milk of choice, heat and serve with berries, seeds and yoghurt

Buy a ready cooked chicken and add a bag of mixed salad and drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar

Purchase fresh soups and add cooked vegetables (microwave steam pouches are super quick)

Pre-cook and freeze portions of cheese and vegetable crustless quiche or frittata and add a mixed salad

Keep emergency pots of nuts and seeds, protein bars, powders and a shaker in your office draw

Open toasted rye bread or oatcakes with mashed avocado and egg

Humous, chopped up vegetables sticks and oat cakes


The best habit you can practice is always planning ahead. Why not swap recipe and meal ideas with your co-workers and have some fun banishing the beige!


Big love, small tummies!


Jill - The Fat Controller


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