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23th September 2016 | Blog

The smarter series: Smarter meals

We hope you’ve brought your tissues with you as today is the last instalment of our ‘Smarter Series’ (boo). It’s been such a fun couple of weeks working with our friends at Truestart coffee, Protein Pow, Tapped trees, Punch foods, Nims fruit crisps and Earlybird to bring you guys the lowdown on a smarter take on nutrition and snacking whilst introducing you into a smarter and healthier way of doing things. We really hope you guys have enjoyed reading our last 2 posts but don’t worry it’s not over JUST yet. 

Our final topic is smarter meals…

The final hot topic we’ll be discussing to give our smarter series a good old sendoff is smarter meals. There’s a lot of uncertainty over not only how much food people should eat but also what types of foods they should consume. There’s so many options out there and food labels can sometimes be pretty overwhelming. We know we need 3 square and nutritious meals a day ( usually ) as well as making room to accomodate that sweet tooth one way or the other! However, missing that Sunday night meal prep, as we all do sometimes, means that we are fighting an uphil battle from Monday onwards between rushed breakfasts, last minute corner shop dinners and lack of options to accomodate a free from diet dinner party guest. Nutritious meals and tasty ones need some help sometimes and thats why we want to introduce you to 3 awesome brands that pledge to provide healthier, accessible and super tasty meal options. We’ve got all 3 meals of the day covered, we’ve spoken to Moma to cover your breakfast needs, Minvita for a dinner/lunch go to product, and Pudology for healthy desserts (because let’s face it we all need some indulgence in our lives). Carry on reading for a some healthy meals inspo to hopefully give you a little nudge in the healthier direction when it comes to some nutritious, no fuss meal ideas.


Everyone knows breakfast is good for you. Our grannies have been telling us ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’ since we first discovered how brilliant lie-ins are. All diet fads tell us of the importance of having energy in the morning, every doctor and dietitian preaches the necessity of a high intake of calories before you start the day. For fear of sounding like your granny, believe it or not, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It’s called breakfast for a reason: you are breaking a fast. If you haven’t eaten for several hours your blood sugar is at an all-time low and you need something to make your brain work. If weight loss is what you’re worried about, then by kick-starting your metabolism early it’ll help you burn calories through the day. But the reality is a little different. We know, we know, it’s hard to eat something when you’re hot-footing it to work. Getting out of bed in itself is an achievement and those extra minutes are better spent trying to hide the bags under your eyes or desperately gulping down an espresso. Here at MOMA we want to change your view of breakfast. Our Bircher Mueslis are deliciously creamy pots made with yoghurt and real fruit, and our Yog-Oat smoothies are easily grabbed from the fridge on your way out the door. If you want something hot, try our porridges: just add hot water and give it a good stir. Our porridge is entirely gluten free, made with pure wholegrain oats that are packed with fibre, vitamin B and folic acid as well as to reduce cholesterol. More to the point, they’re delicious. 


If there were two words that summed up Minvita's healthy living ethos, they'd be 'accessibility' and 'balance'. There are countless reasons these elements can become lost in our lifestyles. From the pressure of work, study and family commitments (we feel it too!), to the relative ease and affordability of those less-than-nutritious foods grabbed on the fly. We absolutely knew our work had to overcome these two specific issues. That we had to find a way of offering greater nutritional value, alongside speed and affordability. This is where the idea of superfoods came in. It's simple to create smarter meals when you have the most nutritionally-concentrated foods to hand. It only takes a second to sprinkle a spoonful of chia seeds over your breakfast and reap the extra omega-3, calcium and iron benefits. It's also totally easy to switch higher GI white rice to Organic Sprouted GABA rice – which may calm your mind as it boosts your body's vitamin and mineral supply. Each superfood product can be considered a smart addition; these smart additions fast add up! It's amazing how quickly you enjoy it too. We see it all the time with our customers, those people who used to hate “eating healthy” becoming those people who relish mixing their own playful smoothies or experimenting with cacao energy balls. 


Pudology’s approach to smarter health centres around the free-from diet. The number of people opting for a dairy or gluten-free diet to improve their health increases every day. It may be due to allergies or intolerances, or it could come down to personal choice – either way we aim to provide a free-from dessert that tastes as good as the alternative. It’s no secret that we are a nation of dessert lovers. There’s nothing more satisfying than finishing your main meal with a sweet treat. Unfortunately, most of the options out there are bursting with ingredients ready to make us bloated and uncomfortable for the rest of the evening. We aim to offer a smarter approach to dessert. An occasional indulgence does the mind an incredible amount of good, and opting for a dairy and gluten free option does the body good too: decreased inflammation for one thing! That means less chance of heartburn, acid-reflux or bloating. In addition to our chocolate based desserts, we also make coconut yoghurts which can be used as a smart swap for dairy yoghurt. Adding them to a smoothie or combining them with granola make for a delicious and healthy breakfast or snack that’s packed with dairy-free protein. It’s a simple switch from your dairy version but can make for improved digestion and a huge energy boost.

And there we have it. Healthy eating isn’t about giving up everything you love – it’s about enjoying your favourite foods in a way that will leave you feeling energized and satisfied. We really hope our ‘Smarter Series’ has been useful and that each of you lovely people that have  joined us along the way can take some inspiration from the topics covered to truly make a positive impact on your eating/ living habits. Finish all those meals with a nutrient packed cup of t plus and you’re good to go! 

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our awesome Smarter Snacking giveaway last week. We’re super happy to announce that the winner is _hannaheats who’s favoruite healthy snack is banana dipped in nut butter, yum - we'll be giving that one a try. CONGRATS! Pop us a DM on twitter or email and we’ll arrange for the delicious goodies to be sent out to you. 


Without further ado, our final exciting giveaway for smarter meals will feature a delicious bundle of each of the awesome brands mentioned above including our very own vitamin infused healthy hot drinks. 

For the chance to win this jaw dropping selection of treats, simply head over to our instagram @tplusdrinks. Follow all accounts, like the picture and tag 2 friends that you’d like to share the goodies with. 

The lucky winner will be announced next Friday. Good luck peeps!

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