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09th September 2016 | Blog

The smarter series : Smarter nutrition

Here at t plus we have the simple mission to make healthy living just that little bit more accessible. We offer a range of healthy, tasty, functional hot drinks that give the right effect where and when needed most -making the world of tea just a little smarter.

As we’re the smarter tea we’ve partnered up with some really awesome brands to bring you lovely guys our very own ‘Smarter Series’. The benefit of working in the food & drink wellness industry is that we get to meet some other brands that are doing some pretty smart stuff of their own. So we felt it only right to round them up, get the inside scoop and introduce them to you guys too.

Over the next 3 weeks we’ll be giving you the lowdown on a smarter take on nutrition, snacking and meals and with the help of our guest brands we’ll be offering a little bit of useful info as to how easy it is to live, drink and eat a little healthier, with an awesome bundle competition at the end of each blog to boot! So without further ado, we’d like to start of our smarter series with 'smarter nutrition'! 

Nutrition was one of the first reasons we started this magic little tea company. We wanted to offer a new way of people getting the specific goodness into their body when they needed it most. A freshly plucked wild fruit medley bowl is all well and good but not always realistic in between meetings or when crushed into a corner of the tube. Thats why we need to get a bit smarter about how and what we eat that can fit around our lifestyle or personal wellness goals. It's easier than ever to stay on top of a clean lifestyle with the increasing availability of real wholefoods and easy access to information on how we live clean. Over the last 12 months we've met some other startup nutritional ninjas that address a specific goal or problem in this space too. Some of these companies help you either get a targeted sports performance caffeine release, a nasty free versatile protein hit or a natural hydrating drink to have on the go and they have sent us the below info on how they can help give you a little nudge in the quest for smarter nutrition goals. 


Protein Pow 

Protein Pow is all about helping people create healthy foods that taste delicious. We're leading a protein cooking revolution to inspire people to 'think outside the shake' and support their healthy lifestyles with amazing foods - foods that are full of healthy nutrition-dense ingredients and pack a good ol' punch of protein POW! Last year we launched our very own protein cooking mixes! They're designed to make no-bake protein bars as well as be used in in place of regular flour in people's flavorite meals and snacks. Whisk our mix with eggs and a banana, fry up the batter, and you end up with delicious gluten-free high-protein and high-fiber protein pancakes! Or combine our mix with honey and peanut butter for the best protein bars you've ever had. The possibilities are endless! 


Truestart Coffee 

Caffeine can be awesome. It increases physical endurance and sharpens mental focus, which is why so many of us enjoy a coffee (or a pre-workout) before exercise. There’s a big ‘but’ though – these benefits only apply if you consume the right amount. Too little caffeine, and nothing will happen. Too much caffeine, and you really won’t feel great. Did you know that all coffee contains a completely random level of caffeine, even if you stick to the same brand? Husband-and-wife team Simon and Helena Hills found this out during triathlon training, when their pre-training coffee was making Helena feel wired one day then nothing the next. They looked into caffeine in more detail, and couldn’t believe that the levels in coffee were so unpredictable. They wanted to control their caffeine intake, but the only option was synthetic, sugary energy drinks and gels. They knew there had to be a better option, so they developed one. TrueStart is the only coffee in the world designed specifically to improve sports performance. No more unpredictable highs, lows and crashes – it contains the optimal, measured level of natural caffeine per scoop so you can train harder and smarter. 



In Scandinavia and the Nordics tapping trees is a centuries old springtime ritual, with people enjoying the vitamin and mineral rich birch sap as a cleansing and rejuvenating post winter tonic. Sourced from the forests of Finland, where TÅPPED works with local farmers and foresters. TÅPPED is the UK’s only birch water from the Nordics. Over the last year we’ve seen birch water become increasingly popular, its definitely taking off in the UK as people increasingly seek out simple natural drinks that are free of added sugars and artificial sweeteners yet still refreshing, tasty and good for them. Coconut water has shown how people are excited by drinks from more unusual but natural sources and increasingly we are seeing yogis and gym buffs opt for our Finnish birch water post work-out. Tapped birch water is nature’s perfect detox as birch sap is a rich source of manganese, iron and zinc which is said to strengthen the immune system and promote overall wellbeing and health. It’s naturally hydrating and has a distinctive yet delicate flavour. 


We've covered brands that address smarter nutrition through effective protein, caffeine and hydration methods and the plan for the smarter series is that we give one lucky person to try out those brands ( along with our vitamin enriched smarter functional hot drinks too! ). Head over to our twitter account @tplusdrinks to win a chance to win this fab bundle of amazing food & drink. Winner announced on next weeks blog back here! 

 Love team t plus x

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