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01th July 2016 | Blog

The t plus naughty n' nice summer healthy cocktails.

It’s officially summer. The sun is out ( sort of ) and it’s the season of bbq’s, garden parties and holidays. We’re not like other tea companies at t plus. Our teas are more healthy, more functional than anything else, but we think they are more fruity and tasty too! So we wanted to cover your summer drink options and give you something refreshing with a little healthy twist. Thats why we invented…drum roll…the t plus naughty n nice cocktails! We’ve invented 2 awesome tasty drink recipes as well as adding in a cheeky naughty alternative because lefts face it, we all need a pick me up now and again. We’ve created 4 super tasty t plus concoctions that not only taste good, but have the added benefit of the t plus vitamin enriched base to make sure that cocktail loves you back! 


*t plus top tip: Add in frozen fruit pieces to not only make your cocktails look pretty, but also to add in even more natural flavor!

Raspberry and pomegranate t+ boost punch


What we used

 2 x Boost t plus teabags


500ml just below boiling water

250ml cranberry juice

4 Strawberries

1 apple

6 Mint leaves 

175ml Pimms No 1 


What we did 


1. Infuse 2 x t+ Boost tea bags in the hot water for 3-5 minutes and then remove the tea bags. 

2. Leave to cool for 30 mins and then pop into fridge to chill for around an hour. 

3. Meanwhile chop up the yummy strawberries, apples and raspberries ( you could add in some frozen fruit here aswell ) and then place them in a large jug along with a handful of mint leaves and mix. 

4. When the tea is fully chilled, pour it into the jug. Add in the pomegranate juice, ice and voila, you have your very own super delicious t plus punch!

*Keep chilled and consume within 24 hours



Why don’t you look at the bigger pitcher (get it?! Haha)… the ultimate summer drink is pimms, so why don’t you use the same recipe as above only this time add in some pimms at the end to miraculously transform it into a deliciously healthy version alcoholic punch.


Lemon and peach sparkling iced tea


What we used

2x t+ Multea teabags


500ml just below boiling water

Fresh lemon and peach slices

100ml bitter lemon (or diet lemonade)

6 mint leaves

150ml Sparkling water 

175 ml Gin ( or Vodka )  


What we did


1.Infuse 2 x t+ multea tea bags in the hot water for 3-5 minutes and then remove the tea bags.

2. Leave to cool for 30 mins and then pop into fridge to chill for around an hour.

3. Squeeze 1 lemon, reserving a few slices for decoration and add either lemon juice or diet lemonade to a large jug

4. Chop up the lovely lemons, peaches and crush the mint leaves and add to the jug. 

5. When fully cooled, pour the iced tea into the jug. Add in the ice and cooled sparkling water.

6.  Decorate with mint leaves, a lemon slice and peaches to taste.

*Keep chilled and consume within 24 hours


Naughty – Add a hint of gin/vodka at the end to make it one step closer to being a healthy version of the French 75. 

So there you have it. Next time you are playing summer organiser, ditch the boring wine and super sugary spirit mixers and give our ( more ) healthy iced super green tea cocktails a try. 

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