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20th April 2017 | Blog

National tea day 2017. How team t plus try to rock the world of tea!

Today is only one of the greatest days of the year…It’s National Tea Day so we get to celebrate all things ( super ) tea! Tea is the second most consumed beverage in the world ( after water ) and 165 million cups of the stuff are drunk every single day in the UK. Now that is a LOT of cuppas, but we made a decision 3 years ago to evolve this humble drink and make something a bit more...super! 

Founders Jade and James we're always big tea drinkers but regularly swapped between green, herbal and fruit teas. They all had their advantages, but usually compromised something on either health, functionality and just taste. They felt that the humble cup of tea could evolve to be something MORE healthy, MORE functional and just straight up better tasting! Thats why they set out to create something truly new in the overcrowded world of tea, and they had 2 objectives to get there:


  1. To create the most nutrient dense range of teas available


Theres a lot of 'healthy and 'functional teas' out there that all rely on unfounded ingredient claims to back up their blends. t plus is the only tea to carry EU approved health claims on pack. That means we can legally backup our claims, be it Boost, Detox, Immunitea or Multea, we've got the goods to back that up. Part of that is because each cup of our super teas contain exactly 50% of your daily recommended B and C vitamin intake 9 including B12 ). This means 2 cups of t plus a day = 100% of your recommended daily vitamins. Simple, right?! 


  1. To do our bit to #sharethehealth


The t plus brand was born with an intention to do you good, but to do others some good also. Thats why we work with the incredible charity - Vitamin Angels, who are on a mission to help malnourished children and new mothers around the world. We pledge to donate £0.10 from every box sold to the charity. It costs Vitamin Angels around £0.20 to supply one vitamin A supplement to one child for one year, meaning for every 2 boxes of t plus sold, one child will be provided with a lifesaving supplement for a full year. So through our participation in their Vitamin A programme, every time you buy a box of our super teas, you’re also doing your bit without even realising it!


So, in aid of National Tea day, we thought we’d let you guys know just how and why we’re shaking up the world of tea, we will be at Kensington roof gardens participating in the official NTD2017 celebrations this year. Also, as were feeling generous, we’re offering you guys the chance to win a whole month’s supply of t plus along with our smarter travel cup, simply head over to our twitter to enter: So if ever there was a day to sit back and enjoy that cup of your favourite t plus, we reckon National Tea Day is a good one to do it on! 

Big love, team t plus x


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