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04th July 2018 | Blog

What Kind Of Runner Are You?

Running. Some would say that you either love it or you hate it. That it’s the marmite of the exercise world, dividing us into couch potatoes and fitness fanatics.

However, we here at tplus have been pondering this as we enter the month of July, our month to celebrate running. We think that the running community is a broad church, and that whether you’re a slipper-loving newbie or Dame Paula Radcliffe, there’s definitely a space for you to join in.

So, we have identified 4 types of runners, broadening the spectrum of the running world and showing that there’s a type of running for everyone! We’ve even been so kind as to suggest what tea might be the perfect fit for each.

Chilly Champion: Immunitea:

Definition: Human who owns trainers and sees coming home with icicles growing off their top as an invigorating day out.

How to spot one: Picture yourself in January. Forced to pop to your local Holland and Barratt, while the wind is howling, and the snow is seeping into your not-as-water-proof-as-you-first-thought shoes, all because you just ran out of tplus tea. As you trudge home, clutching your tplus boost, you spot a strange woman in shorts and a t-shirt puffing her way along the slippy pavement. You have spotted a Chilly Champion. Maybe throw a boost at her to keep her going. Such hardy runners may also be seen on triathlons diving into ice cold water and then deciding to pop onto a bike. Madness.

Best tea for you: We’d say Immunitea, with those C vitamins fighting off your colds, and orange flavours giving you the zing you need.

Rise and Shiners: Boost

Definition: Human who owns trainers who rolls out of bed straight into their Lycra.

How to spot one: As you wrench yourself from your bed and tentatively crack open your curtains at an ungodly hour in the morning, this is when the Rise and Shiners are loving life. Normally pre-sunrise, they hop out of bed and hop into their morning run. These people arrive at work with endorphins pumping and skin glowing- ready for anything!

Best tea for you: Definitely a Boost- it’ll get you going on the darkest of mornings.

Health Hero’s: Detox:

Definition: Human who owns trainers and is in it to help their bodily and mental health.

How to spot one: These people are smart. They know about all the benefits of running. From reducing risk of heart disease by 70% to improving people’s mental health. These runners may find it tough at first, but a few weeks in they have never felt better!

Best tea for you: we’d suggest Detox, with the Dandelion root and Milk thistle aiding your heart and liver, while proving beneficial for type 2 diabetics (see the previous blog post about this).

Mega Mums: Multea:

Definition: Human who owns trainers and has small humans that can make finding time for running impossible.

How to spot one: Often seen pushing prams around parks at speed, tight pony-tails swooshing and gently child shooshing. Or found after bed-time jogging down the street in herds. These are the mega-mums of the running world. They find time for exercise after exhausting days and combine it with some fresh air for the kids or a chat with her gal pals. She may miss a run every now and then due to collapsing on a sofa for a well-deserved rest and an even more deserved glass of wine. Mums, we salute you.

Best tea for you: We’d say Multea, with the soothing rosemary to help you relax, as well as folic acid which is fabulous for mums-to-be.

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