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03th March 2017 | Blog

What’s The Deal With B12?

Unless you’re vegan you’ve probably not heard much chat about vitamin B12. I know I hadn’t before going vegan, but it turns out it’s actually pretty damn important. B12 is the only vitamin that you cannot get naturally from a plant-based diet, hence why there’s so much talk about it within the vegan community.  

B12 plays an important role in our bodies, including making red blood cells, keeping the immune system healthy and helping to release energy from the food we eat. Not having enough B12 can make you pretty unwell and symptoms can include tiredness, feeling like you don’t have enough energy, irritability and poor memory. Low levels of B12 can also lead to anaemia, nervous system damage and complications during pregnancy. Sounds pretty scary, right? 

It’s easy to get enough though, even if you don’t eat meat or dairy. The best sources of B12 come from animal products such as meat, salmon, cod, milk, cheese and eggs because the vitamin is created within the bodies of animals. Intestinal bacteria in animals are what produce B12 and so when we eat animals, we also get the benefit of the vitamin. If you are veggie or vegan, B12 can be found in fortified products including non-dairy milks, cereals and nutritional yeast. Or, you can take a supplement in the form of a daily or weekly tablet, an injection or a mouth spray. A cup of T Plus also contains 50% of your daily B12 so drink up guys. They don’t call it the smarter tea for nothing. 

Here’s a crazy fact too – your body can store vitamin B12 for between two and four years so it can take quite a while for symptoms to show after a diet change.  You might not realise that your lack of energy and feeling of tiredness is down to the decision you made to stop eating meat three years ago, leaving your B12 supplies somewhat lacking. 

I’ve been vegan for almost a year now and have taken a B12 supplement tablet for most of that time, as well as drinking lots of T Plus. It’s a no fuss, one a day deal that gives me peace of mind. B12 is definitely more of an issue for people who don’t eat meat or any animal products, but it’s always good to be aware just in case you could be running low. 

So don’t freak out, just wise up, take a supplement, drink your T Plus and you’ll be totally fine!


For more info on B12 check out:

NHS Choices 

The Vegan Society

The Vegetarian Society

Nutrition Studies

Vegan Health


Nicole x 

  • Suzie Wilder on

    Hope I’m posting in the right place! I’d buy lots of these yummy teas!!

  • HAyley dOdswoeth on

    Hi I am not vegetarian but have a B1/ deficiency which took a while to identify. I’m trying the t bags as I have to be objected ecery 6 weeks and have dementia symptoms. It’s absolutely a vital part of a diet.

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