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28th October 2016 | Blog

Why it’s important to switch off sometimes

And when I say switch off I mean from technology and the digital world. Taking some time off from the internet can be pretty difficult because so many of us are pretty much glued to our screens, always have our phones within arms reach and spend a lot of time online. The thing about social media is that it inherently makes us less social as we spend more time socialising online and less time actually seeing people in person. I love sharing photos on Instagram, updating my Twitter and writing my blog, but I also love going outdoors, meeting new people and having adventures. Social media can give us the fear of missing out, but by spending too much time online we are missing out on real life experiences. Of course, I’ll always love the internet but sometimes you just need a little time to have a break and switch off. Trust me, you will feel wonderful for it. Whether it’s for an hour, a day or a week, we should all try to spend a little less time on our phones, tablets and laptops and more time with our family, friends or just ourselves making wonderful memories. 


Turn off your phone for a day 

It’s a scary thought, going without your phone for a whole day, but trust me it is one of the best things you can do. Once you get past the feeling that you’ve lost your left arm, it’s so liberating and freeing to spend time away from social media, messaging and the internet. You might think you can’t go a day without your phone but it is much easier than you think. Sometimes going cold turkey is what’s needed to refocus you and make you really appreciate the life you have. Turn off and find contentment and happiness in your present life, you are not missing out on anything. 


Get outdoors 

Sometimes I think we all spend too much time in between four walls. Spending time outside is wonderful for your health and your mind. Climb a hill, go for a walk in the woods, or even just go and explore your local town. Leave your phone at home and appreciate the beautiful world around you. 


Read a book 

Engross yourself in another world for a little while. Find a story you can escape into, go on an adventure with the characters and forget about your own problems and worries. Reading is one of the best forms of escapism. 


Life is about experiences

All the best and most wonderful memories I have are of doing amazing things with the people I love. I don’t have amazing memories of tweets I’ve seen, Instagram posts I’ve commented on or YouTube videos I’ve watched. Put your phone away and live in the moment. Yes, I love posting photos of the things I’ve been up to but I also love experiencing life in that very moment of those things happening. Remember, it’s not all about getting the perfect shot; it’s about creating the best memories. 


Life is happening all around you, look up and maybe you’ll see something wonderful. 


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