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11th August 2017 | Blog

Why you should have a social media declutter

I recently had a bit of a social media declutter, for lack of a better phrase. After a few days of not going on social media, I realised I didn't miss it at all; a stark contrast to my usual fear of missing out on new posts and updates from the hundreds of accounts I follow. I guess sometimes you need to go cold turkey to realise your priorities. I do love social media and getting to connect with so many wonderful people who I wouldn't be able to otherwise but I was becoming a bit obsessed. Obsessed with wanting to hit that next follower milestone. Obsessed with how many likes and comments each of my new posts got. Obsessed with who was unfollowing me and why. It wasn't healthy and it didn't make me feel good. 

Part of the problem was that I was following so many accounts that I would actually feel anxious about even logging on, knowing how many updates I needed (note, needed not could, that was how I felt) to scroll through. I felt overwhelmed by the sea of carefully curated posts that would pop up, all screaming out trying to be the best. I was no longer finding value in many of the accounts I followed. It wasn't that I didn't like their content; it was that I just couldn't bear the sheer volume of it. 

Realising this, I decided to minimise my feeds. To unfollow all the accounts that either made me feel bad, made me feel anxious or that I just felt were crowding me. There are only so many pictures of avocado on toast that I need to see in a day and I no longer wanted to see posts filled with negativity. 

The thing with social media is that it is entirely up to you who and what you follow. We all have the power to choose what we see on our feeds, to expose ourselves to the messages we find valuable and to choose to follow those who will inspire us. The importance of this can get a little lost sometimes, though, in that we forget that we can control it. I was feeling overwhelmed rather than inspired. I felt anxious that I wasn't doing good enough rather than feeling positive about the experience. That's not how I wanted to feel and so I changed it.

I'd like my social media to be a place of positivity, inspiration and variety. I don't want to go on and leave feeling bad about myself, or that I've just wasted my time aimlessly scrolling for ages gaining no benefit. You can control your feed, always remember that. If something makes you feel shit, you don't need it in your life. 

I follow a lot fewer people now and I did feel bad for unfollowing some, people I'd made a connection with or often shared a nice comment with back and forth, but I needed space. Now when I go online it takes me five or so minutes to look through new posts rather than the closer to the fifteen or twenty that it did before and I find most of those posts inspiring, informative or valuable in some way. I feel so much better now. I needed breathing space.


Use your social media wisely. Create a space you love and treat it like you do your things - a clear out is sometimes necessary. 


Nicole x 

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