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09th December 2016 | Blog

Why You Should Stop Worrying About Being Healthy and Just Enjoy Christmas

It’s December so obviously this month’s post had to be Christmas related. They say it’s the most wonderful time of the year, but what about when you are trying to be healthy? In that case Christmas can be a little more like a nightmare and pretty daunting. All those delicious looking chocolates, sweets and foods are quite literally everywhere, practically calling your name and taking a whole lot of willpower to resist. Sound familiar?

We’ve all been there. 

But guys, Christmas comes once a year. One little day out of 365 when it’s totally acceptable to have chocolate for breakfast and eat everything in sight. You really don’t need to worry about being healthy on Christmas Day. In fact, you definitely shouldn’t worry about being healthy; you should enjoy yourself and eat all the foods you love most. Indulge a little and don’t feel guilty about doing it because it will ruin your day. Trust me, I’ve been there. 

A quick Google search for tips to be healthy on Christmas Day brings up thousands of articles all giving advice on how not to overindulge and healthify (I’m totally making that a word) your dinner and I’m just thinking no. Let’s not do that, let’s just make the most delicious calorific dinner and love every bite because, Christmas. 

I’ve spent one Christmas too many worrying about what I’m eating and thinking about how I can justify my food ‘sins’ as soon as it’s all over. I’d always hold back from eating too many foods that I deemed to be ‘bad’ because I was so scared that they would ruin my healthy diet. Like what did I think was going to happen? That with one bite I would gain two stone? It’s crazy and yet I let it ruin my day by constantly worrying about it. Sitting aside watching others enjoy themselves, wondering how they can be so carefree with what they eat, really isn’t a fun way to spend the day. My dads face when I refused cake and dessert pretty much summed it up – ‘what’s wrong with you?’ 

This past year I’ve learned that there is no such thing as good foods and bad foods. Food is food, some healthier than others but none that you should feel guilty for eating. The thing is, by calling certain foods bad or you immediately attach feelings to that food of guilt and shame because you are making out that particular food shouldn’t be eaten because it will do all sorts of terrible things to you. Equally by saying other foods are ‘clean’ (another one I hate) it implies that the rest are dirty. It’s really not a healthy way to think. Yes, we all want to eat healthy but we also want to treat ourselves and enjoy the foods we love. Everything in moderation, right? 

Christmas is a time for celebration, for spending time with the people you love and for relaxing. Enjoy your meals out, your mince pies and chocolates. Tuck into a huge roast dinner on Christmas Day and have the chocolate pudding you know you want to eat and have been eyeing up all day but were thinking of skipping because omg so many calories. There are so many other days in the year where you can focus on being healthier, Christmas isn’t the time.

You can have a t plus though, because it’s still good to try, but maybe with a side of mince pie and chocolate truffles. Yum! 

Have a wonderful Christmas guys. 

Love, Nicole x 

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