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05th May 2017 | Blog

Why you should take up walking this Spring/Summer

Walking. It’s like the long forgotten, not as cool or hip, kind of exercise that nobody really talks about because, well, it’s not really going to have the same effect as pounding it out at the gym for an hour. Walking is cool though, well, at least I think it is and here’s why you should too.


Now that the clocks have changed, bringing us those longer days we’ve all been dreaming about for the past six months (finally), it is the perfect time to start walking, and not just to your car or around the shops. I mean really, intentionally, walking, for fun. Going for a long walk is one of my favourite things to do, especially when it’s a really nice day (or at least a day that it isn’t raining).


When I took part in the #smarterswap in February, my goal was to walk 5,000 steps every weekday and 10,000 every weekend day. I did it and it made me feel pretty wonderful. With the lighter nights, I’m hoping to walk even more and maybe hit that 10,000 target every day, maybe.


Getting outside in the fresh air, being kind to your body with some low intensity exercise, exploring new places and spending time in the rays soaking up that vit D is something we could all do more of. Walking isn’t just for oldies, or people with dogs (although walks with dogs are obviously the best kind). Nope, walking is for everyone. I’ve seen so many beautiful places since I started walking more and it’s become my favourite way to spend a day off. Plus, aside from any petrol to get to a pretty new place, it doesn’t cost anything, making it perfect for stingy people like me.


Plus, it’s not only good for your body, but it’s good for your mind too. Going for a walk gives you time to think, or to completely lose yourself in some music or an awesome podcast. Don’t walk and scroll, put your phone away and just focus on you. Even better, get yourself somewhere with no signal, cut off for a few hours and just enjoy the beautiful landscape around you. You won’t regret a walk, but you might regret sitting in all day and wasting away not doing an awful lot.


Nicole x 

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