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11th November 2016 | Blog

Workout mistakes you might be making.

Exercise is simple, right? We move our bodies around, follow workout regimes or just generally keep active to keep us healthy, strong and fit. However, it can sometimes get complicated. There’s so many different forms of exercise out there and sometimes it’s hard to figure out how much exercise you should be doing, what’s working best for your specific goals and particular activities that work best for your body. If you’re working out but hardly seeing any results, read on to find out if you’re guilty of any of the following. 


Too much cardio

Running is an awesome form of calorie burning exercise and whilst running on the treadmill is sooo much better than being a couch potato catching up on the latest episode of X Factor, the same mistakes are often being made. People tend to spend ages on a piece of cardio machinery, without ever increasing their heart rate or producing sweat. To improve your cardio, you need to make your heart work, mix up your cardio sessions each week (weight, jogging/ cycling/ zumba/ swimming) with a change of pace. If you end the session breaking out a sweat with heavy breathing then you know you’ve done the job.



Doing the same constant workout with no variety won’t allow you to see constant change occur in your body, it’s like walking to work and taking the same route every day, can you do it with your eyes closed? The same thing can happen to muscles, repeating the same exercise all the time with no changes basically puts your muscles to sleep so they don’t even have to work as hard any more to do the exercises.” Repetition can also lead to some nasty injuries due to the muscles being overworked. To see results, you need to constantly change your exercise, your routine and your workout. If you find something specific that you enjoy and feel works, mix it up and bit and maybe alternate it with other exercises, increase your weight and try out new things for ultimate effect. 


Working out on an empty stomach

When you work out on an empty stomach, the calories you burn come from muscle, not fat and nobody wants that. Make the most of every workout session by preparing metabolism boosting pre-workout snacks. If you’re planning an early morning gym session, plan to have a heart healthy breakfast to fuel you throughout the day (our favorite go to breakfast at the minute is nut butter on brown toast, topped with strawberries, bananas, blueberries and super seeds teamed with a t plus – delish!). 


Forgetting to stretch after your workout

You may finish your workout with a set of crunches and then call it a day, however, after using your muscles and tightening them up it’s always best to release the tension and return them to a relaxed state of tension. By doing a quick stretch on your main muscles groups (hip flexors, outer thighs, chest, shoulders and ankles) not only increases the blood flow and circulation to reduce muscle soreness as well as helping to attain better posture and alignment. 


Not getting proper hydration

Hydrating yourself during a workout is as important as the workout itself as being dehydrated during exercise can often lead to decreased physical performance. The basic daily requirement is 8 to 10 glasses of water, but if you’re into strenuous physical activities, the requirement may double. Make sure you’re fully prepared and always carry a bottle of water around with you. 


So there we have it, if you’re not happy with your current workout regime and can relate to any of the above points, then it may just be a case of altering a few little things in order to get the most out of your workout. Enjoy a mug of t+ boost as a super awesome pre workout pick me up to provide a slow energy release as well as keeping you as hydrated.


Love, team t plus x

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