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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Jessica Srivastava

Instagram: @jesssriv 


Apple and blackcurrant – this flavour is really nostalgic of a warm berry drink I used to have as a child. So not only does it provide half my daily vitamin intake, but it feels like I’m having a delicious comforting treat at the same time!


I’m currently working full time as a dentist so I don’t have much time for myself at the moment. I therefore know its really important to plan for the week ahead so I can make healthy food and lifestyle choices rather than choosing the easy option when I’m tired and short of time.

My pledge is to dedicate two hours on a Sunday and two hours on a Wednesday evening to prepare my meals and plan my workouts for the week! By the end of the month I hope this will have kept me on track so I can fuel my body with nourishing and energising foods, as well as managing to fit in 3-4 workouts a week.

I have loved being a part of the Smarter Swap Pledge this month and have surprised myself by actually sticking to the promises I made! It was challenging getting into the routine of meal prepping so regularly but at the half way mark it became second nature. By meal prepping and planning my workouts twice a week, I have managed to stay on track much more than I otherwise would. This has allowed me more freedom on the weekends to enjoy time with friends and family, knowing that 80% of my week has been filled with wholesome, nourishing foods and good training. Setting aside some time to complete these tasks has also saved numerous hours in the week, which has in turn made me much more productive with my work! I would definitely do the Smarter Swap again. I am actually going to turn these swaps into life long habits as they really have had a positive impact on my day-to-day life, so thank you T Plus!

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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Jessica Srivastava

31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

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