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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Jill Gardner

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My go to T Plus Drink in the morning is Detox for cleansing and extra self-love in January. In the afternoon it has to be Boost to perk me up and energise me before my afternoon workout. (Feel free to choose one but it was too hard to choose one.)


My smarter swap pledge: My job as The Fat Controller is extremely rewarding helping to inspire 1000s to live the no beige, dead food lifestyle, lose weight and feel great but it can be very demanding. I am often working late at night on social media and as a result I am a little hungrier the next day, have less motivation to workout and no longer leap out of bed first thing in the morning. In order to inspire my clients and followers I need to practice what I preach. Because sleep is critical for fat loss, health and wellbeing I have pledged to swap my phone after 10 pm night for meditation. Mediation is proven to lower stress levels, improve sleep and productivity. By making this simple smarter swap I will be gaining an extra hour of nourishing sleep every night putting that extra spring back in my step and hopefully burn a few pounds of winter body fat!  

The #smarterswap pledge was much harder than I thought at first. It showed me how addicted I was to Facebook at night. I tried not to open it but found that I had to delete the app from my phone. I now enjoy a book again, listen to some meditation before sleep and find I fall asleep much faster than before. I actually find that I now look forward to going to bed to get stuck into a book or listen to an audio. By completely a whole month it has now become a habit. I did slip up a few times when I had to do some work on my laptop but I found that removing my Facebook app made this bad habit impossible to do. I have applied this to other areas in my life such as making up batches of stews and bone broths to grab anytime and carrying round my t plus travel cup and spare tea bags when travelling so I have also kicked my coffee and snacking habit. I definitely feel more empowered about making small changes.After the first few nights of feeling uncomfortable with my Facebook addiction, it got easier really quickly. I am already planning my next months of #smarterswap pledges that will take me across the rest of the year!

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