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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Jon Weston-Stanley

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The boost tea, I have been a big fan of yerbe mate for years, it is a great alternative to green tea.

My smarter swap pledge is to stop standing on the escalators on the tube and walk up every escalator I use during February. Hopefully this will burn a few more calories and grow those glutes.

I have actually really enjoyed it, you get a weird sense of satisfaction walking passed people on the escalators. I feel like my legs have got a little stronger as a result of always taking the stairs, proven by a comment from my father. "Jon, you are in danger of actually developing an arse." Leg day finally showing some ROI. I also feel like it has made me a little more energetic. It's quite easy to switch off on the escalators and on the tube, just to drift off into your own little world trying to block out the monotony of your commute, but the little bit of extra walking gets the blood bumping around the body and perks you up. I'm not going back, even if I take the escalators I will be walking up them.

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