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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Leisha Mulvey

Instagram: @leishamulveyfit

Twitter: @leishamulveyfit 

My go to t plus drink has to be the ‘Multea’ it’s a green tea with a refreshing lemony favour and contains 9 essential vitamins so your getting some bang for your buck as well as a mighty favour punch. 


I’m a health and fitness blogger, bikini competitor and PT in training. I’m passionate about health and wellbeing and being the best version of yourself, that's why I share information about health and nutrition that has been backed up by scientific evidence as well as lots of healthy recipes. That’s why I pledge to get 15,000 steps in a day to improve my own wellbeing. Daily step count has one of the most significant influences on our daily NEAT levels (our daily energy expenditure) I also find that walking helps me to relax. I hope to improve both my mind and body by getting those steps in. 

This month I have loved doing the #smarterswap campaign not only has it made me more active, I’ve enjoyed going for walks and allowing time to reflect as I get my 15,000 steps a day in. I always feel much more alert after a walk so the extra steps really made a difference to my overall wellbeing. I would definitely do it again and I plan to continue drinking my daily t plus and getting 15,000 steps in a day. It’s been a great campaign to be a part of and I will be continuing my pledges well into march. 

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