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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Mhairi Mackellar

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My go-to t plus is MULTEA. It’s my absolute favourite, I just love the flavour. Fruity but mellow - I think it’s the perfect morning cuppa. 

 My smarter swap pledge: I’m a health and food blogger sharing healthy gluten free recipes and blogging about my healthy balanced life! I’m a big believer in balance to keep your body and mind sane and I live by the 80/20 rule - chocolate and prosecco are (occasionally) on the shopping list! My smarter swap - I’m going completely sugar free for the month. Eeek - No chocolate, no prosecco! I pledge not to let any sugar, whether that’s the regular white stuff, the ‘healthier’ sugars such as maple, honey or xylitol for example or even any unrefined carbohydrates, pass my lips for the whole month. I try to be savvy when it comes to sugar intake but I do see myself smothering my porridge bowl in honey now and again. So this will be a challenge! I hear lots of sugar free stories promising glowing skin, increased energy, improved sleep… Yes, please! But my main motivation - to lose some of my stubborn belly weight. I’m getting married this June and going away on honeymoon a few days later so I want to be rocking that wedding body. I hope my sugar free month will help me on my way. I really want to see just how achievable this it, if I can really cut it out 100% and if I get the results I’m hoping for…..

What a challenge! I like to think that I can do anything I put my mind to but this was tough. And I was caught out a few times. Sugar is everywhere! The first week was particularly hard but after that I didn't really crave anything sweet. It was hard resisting chocolate when my fiancé was tucking into it himself though. I have definitely seen an improvement in my sleep which has been great. I'm also feeling a lot more energised these days but I didn't see a huge difference on the weight loss front - lost an inch around my waist and hips each which isn't to be sniffed at, I guess. I would definitely do this again and recommend the challenge to anyone - it's a real eye opener when you realise just how much sugar you've been eating. I'm going to continue to reduce my sugar intake for now though as I feel so much better for it.

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