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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Natalie Crossley


Twitter: abalancedlifex

My go to tea is T+ Immunitea - Orange and Blueberry - I love the taste and the immunity boost is always welcomed, especially in the winter!


My smarter swap pledge is to swap driving the 4.5 miles to work, for cycling. I bought a bike through the cycle to work scheme and I am just getting the hang of it, I want to start cycling to work especially as the days get longer to improve my cardio (my least favourite aspect of workouts!) without loosing time - it's a win/win for me!       

The smarter swap has worked great for me, making small adjustments means I could keep on top of them and maintain the changes throughout the month - essentially, after the #smarterswap pledge, the changes I have made will now be incorporated into my daily routine for the future. Through the month I have felt significantly more energised and fit, which is ultimately my goal. Would I do it again? Absolutely! I think it's great to pledge a change each month in order to work towards a healthier you.


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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

The Smarter Swappers!

31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Jessica Srivastava

31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Natalie Crossley

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