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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Nicole Osborne

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My go to t plus drink at the moment is definitely Immunitea, the flavour is just so spot on. My fave does change weekly though because they are all pretty amazing. 


My pledge is to move more throughout the day during the week. I am a pretty active person and go to the gym before work every day, but the problem is once I get to work I kinda end up glued to my desk, which is totally not okay. During the summer I was so much better at going out at lunch and after work for walks but that slowly stopped as it got darker and colder and more miserable (Brittish probs). I know the recommended amount of steps for a day is 10,000 but, let’s be realistic here, I'm aiming for 5,000 during the week, because that gym sesh totally counts for the other 5,000 in my eyes. And 10,000 on weekend days, because hello sunlight! I hate feeling like I haven’t moved much throughout the day and really want to get into a better habit of going for little walks to get some fresh air and a break from the screen. So, T Plus, I pledge to move more and swap sitting down for walking. Let’s hope I can keep it up and reach my target for the whole month!

I have absolutely loved being a part of the #smarterswap! I’ve set myself similar step targets before but they were always too easy to give up on because I was never accountable to anyone. Being a part of the #smarterswap made me want to smash my target and so I’ve managed to reach (and often totally surpass) my step goal for each day, which I am super happy about. Doing the swap has definitely made me more conscious of my activity level and really pushed me to get in those steps even on days I when really didn’t want to (especially during that damn storm!). I think getting outside more and going for lunch time walks in particular has made me feel more awake. Plus, it’s always good to get some screen down-time and take a little breather just for myself. I would definitely take part again and I’m totally going to try and keep up my swap from now on. 


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