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31th January 2017 | Smarter Swappers

Pamela Higgins

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T+ Detox. I'm a huge fan of ginger so I love the hints of flavour in this health-boosting tea, which is great for when my body needs an extra detoxing cleanse thanks to the combination of dandelion root and milk thistle. With a natural, subtle apple and blackcurrant notes too, this really is a tea that will fuel the body and soul!


I'm a health food blogger and freelance recipe developer, so eating well plays a big part of my life as does being active on a daily basis. I make time to workout every morning and get out on a 5 mile walk in the fresh air along with a balanced, plant-based diet.

However one thing I want to improve in my life is to learn to relax - I sometimes worry and work myself too hard to the point where I feel exhausted. So my pledge is to swap out 10 minutes during my day of being on social media for 10 minutes of mindful thinking, yoga, meditation, concentrated breathing and just spending some down-time by myself, away from technology. I'm also pregnant so I feel like this is even more important for my overall health - not just the physical side! I'm hoping by the end of the month I feel more at ease, chilled out and better prepared to deal with any form of anxiety or stress.

It might sound easy to say 'I'm going to relax more' but in reality it can be more challenging! It's easy to say yes to an opportunity or start a new project when you might be feeling tired or would rather be chilling out - at the time might seem like you're being productive but in fact it can simply be adding to exhaustion. It's also easier said than done to 'switch off' when there are hundred of thoughts, worries and to-do lists going round in your head, so this was something I really had to get into a habit of. Once I started to force myself into taking a step away for just for 10 minutes - deep breathing using my Fitbit, closing my eyes, reading a book, doing a yoga sequence, having a bath - I noticed I was feeling more calm and ready to take on life. It's this sense of escapism which helped me to re-assess things going on and put silly worries at the bottom of a priority list and clear out the unnecessary things. I think we put so much emphasis on eating well and exercising that our minds can be neglected or left as a second thought, but this challenge really made me focus on this crucial part of general wellbeing. I've also started to do more reading about the subject of 'mindfulness' which has reiterated the importance of taking time to relax and de-stress.


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