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About Us

Travel, stress, family, fatigue, children, worry… life can be a pretty hectic place and doesn't make it always easy to look after yourself like you should. Add to that some convenient, but not often very healthy food and drink, can lead us to doing ourselves more harm than good sometimes. That's why we created t+, a range of magic little tea bags packed with super good ingredients that can help everyone, everywhere in a quest for a healthier lifestyle. Unlike many of the ‘wonder drinks’ out there, t+ can do this without the need for man made mystery ingredients and without the need to taste like sawdust. So day or night, in the office, in front of the tv, or prepping for a big day, t+ can provide you the functional support needed. 


The T Plus Story

Our story

t+ was born out of the idea to make some simple, tasty, healthy teas that worked a little bit harder to make everyone's day a little bit easier. Read our story here.

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Our T Plus Promises

t+ promises

A few pinky promises between you and us on how we make these little drinks of wonder. 

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Made from all natural ingredients, designed for your body

Our drinks

Only the best, all natural ingredients go in those little tea bags. Get the low down here. 

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