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If you're reading this, you probably know by now we took the plunge and took on the Dragons...

So, as if running a vitamin super tea company wasn't stressful enough, I decided to notch up the stress levels a little and take on the Dragons in their own back yard!

It was a big call. We've always believed in what we are doing in trying to make something better in the world of healthy hot drinks. We've created something brand new and ( we think ) better, so in doing something like Dragons Den, I knew we would be there to be shot at.

However, we're a challenger brand and we're out to take some risks and shake things up, so taking the challenge of the Den proved an offer too good to turn down, so we went for it ( or rather everyone else pushed me into going for it and they all stayed at home ).

So, we're writing this before the show goes on air and so James' memory of the whole day is a little hazy, so we'll hold off dropping too many spoilers.

Check back here tomorrow for the lowdown on the highs, lows and follow up to that crazy day in the Den. In the meantime, click the link below to see this new generation of vitamin super teas and find out why the Dragons were right / wrong ( delete as appropriate later ) to back our super teas.

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