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The long road to developing the smarter tea...

We are a new, independent, British company with a simple plan to help everyone drink and live just a little bit better.

We made t plus with a simple intention. The plan was to create a new generation of functional hot drinks that can help everyone in this hectic world get the right goodness into their body when and where they need it most. Simple, right?

other teas werEn’T really OUR BAG...

We're big tea lovers here at t plus towers and have always switched between the benefits of many different types of tea. However, we had a problem with most of those teas out there.

We knew green tea is super good for you, natural and bursting with heart healthy antioxidants. However, it's a bit of an acquired taste and can sometimes be too bitter or just a bit boring. Herbal tea had the same problem, super functional botanicals, but the taste equivalent to drinking nettle flavoured water didn't really work for us. Fruit tea ( sometimes ) hit the flavour button, but there was nothing else really going on in the cup, despite the name there's usually no trace of tea, just a few fruit pieces and artificial fruit flavour enhancers.


After tasting 1000 varieties ( give or take ) we gave up. This stuff was all sort of good in its own way, but just wasn’t the full package we needed to keep us on that healthy living track for longer than the usual 2 day effort.

So this set us off on a long mission to create the perfect new blend of super teas that would taste good and do some good. After consultations, lessons and learning from the best nutritionists, herbalists and tea producers around the world, we developed a unique blend of brand new super teas. Using a base of the finest hand picked Sri Lankan green tea, we then added a range of functional herbs, whole fruit pieces and a little all natural flavour to boot. We then loaded each tea bag with daily essential vitamins to make it that bit easier for people to get their daily vit hit. 

This all came together to create a range of healthy, tasty, functional drinks that would be the right mix of super good stuff, giving the right effect when and where needed most. 

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