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We're on a mission...

to create an all new generation of healthy hot drinks that can help people get the nutrition needed when and where they need it the most. That's the goal, but we're setting some rules up to get there.

We're a growing and evolving company and we'll always be working on the best way to get you guys the most nutritious drinks we can, but we promise we'll always stick to the same principles:

That's important. We want to create great tasting hot drinks. This isnt fruit tea, it isnt herbal or green tea either. We make something completely unique in the category and we've designed them to taste unique too.  But it's not enough. If we can’t get the herbs and vitamins just right to give you the effect you need - it stays on the drawing board.

No matter the mix, we'll always use super healthy green tea as our base to make sure you’re getting your daily dose of heart friendly antioxidants as well as those vitamins and functional herbs.

Every cup of t plus super teas delivery 50% RDA in 9 daily essential vitamins ( including B12 ) along with the best mix of fruit, herbs and seeds that will give you the exact effect you need. Whether it’s recovering from a heavy Saturday night, or fighting off that incoming cold, we'll give you the fuel to top up.

We make drinks that will do you some good but we also want to do others some good too. That’s why we team up with Vitamin Angels charity to help children and at risk mums around the world. We donate £0.10 from the sale of every box to their incredible work. Find out just how far that 10p goes here.

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